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✦ Democracy is so simple that it will fit on one sheet of A4

– Democracy exists when dominant is the people (the crowd)
-Democratic means that the authorities are conscripts, while oligarchs (when) elected (with election -> possibility interventions, Effect)
-Twice he not Prefect (governs), pass before all this (THE POWER)


The word democracy is complex and consists of the words state and municipality. The word "State" is derived etymologically from the verb member ED, Member ID means overmaster, I have power and wreak. Often (incorrectly) interpreted ... as power etymologically derived from the ancient Greek verb exesti dative personal words I can, can. Therefore Republic is the dominance of the municipality.
"Municipality" is the set of citizens who are willing to work as a team and freely choose aparakliti and ultimate respect the following principles:
(I) the principle of equality before the law: all citizens are equal before the law and the law against the individual citizen.(II) the principle of equality before the law: all citizens participate in public powers. The right but this stems from the requirement of participation.
(III) the principle of equality of voting: The participation of every citizen in shaping municipal decisions, has exactly the same weight and the same result.
(IV) the principle of boldness and isigorias: every citizen has the obligation and the right to freely express his opinion and are under the full protection of the municipality. In this way the terms of citizen enriches the municipality with original ideas and contributes to the defense of the law. Specifically boldness (Pan + eitos) the obligation of, to express its opinion freely and honestly while isigoria (equal + plead) the right to speak, speak the ecclesia. The boldness fosters freedom to all citizens because trained to broaden their horizons either as speakers or as a listener.
(The) the majority principle: the subordination of citizens to the will of the majority.
(WE) the principle of transparency: regard to decisions, procedures and resources of the municipality. Any citizen has the obligation and the ability to control the municipality.

The Republic is making concrete, implementing and monitoring decisions and justice, involving all directly without agents.
in Republic:
  • THE PEOPLE RUNNING, LEGISLATION AND adjudicated. Directly and without representatives-Members, professional judges or professional politicians.
  • The leaders emerge with DRAW and not election. With election highlighted the many people whose office requires some training.
  • The rulers can be revoked before their mandate ends. Nobody twice in the same office. There are no irreplaceable.
  • The mandate of the rulers do not last more than a year.
  • The rulers accountable for their record, a citizens' committee established by lot.
  • The fortunes of the lords recorded before and after the assumption of office. And their relatives, even distant.
  • Anyone harm the public interest, civil lord or ordinary citizen, either intentionally or impotence, "Same day teleftisato".
You, to take part in the meeting which will be held on 18-7-2017 sotres AGNANTI (32 mm Thes/Niki-Serres-Leykochwri ). information 6944776258 (Giannis)
The text is part of the social group book <ΑΛΛΑΖΩ για να ΑΛΛΑΞΟΥΝ ΟΛΑ>.

The Member, Yiannis Georgakopoulos, initiator of the idea to make my proposal book <τοπικά δημοψηφίσματα από την βάση>, with title <<ΠΡΟΤΑΣ ΔΗΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΑΣ – ΑΝΟΙΧΤΟ ΒΙΒΛΙΟ ΓΙΑ ΤΗΝ ΑΝΘΡΩΠΟΤΗΤΑ – Η ΠΟΛΙΤΙΚΗ ΠΟΡΕΙΑ ΜΟΥ>> τεύχος πρώτο, where was completed with the assistance of key members of the team (Michalopoulos ' comments Kyriacou-Tsaknaki Kon/NOU- Katrana George Georgakopoulos, Ioannis – Giaxidoy – Aggeliki) and many like-minded friends and non-, whose names are given in, either as partners, or as cases that have caused the author – editor-in-Chief Kyriakos Michalopoylo to produce motion – solution, tabled by the Group and improved in current form.

Time well be counted and to realize our location policy: <ΣΥΜΜΕΤΟΧΗ ή ΑΝΤΙΠΡΟΣΩΠΕΥΣΗ>
Is the historical observation that from ancient times to today, people are rational social, mighty, ChRISTOI (useful), consumed on individual efforts and joined to parties and used as storefronts (the modern era) in favour of the common good and of lesser of two evils, as a result to remain trapped in a vicious circle.

It is time therefore each one to reflect the responsibilities of, accepting his capacity and understanding that it is not a complete solution to the social problem the individual effort. To allow well overall solution prerequisite is Union and coordinate all these peculiarities (Assembly – regulation –) without commas. Only this social group will inspire the people again this.

In view of the communication by the Government of Kallikratikoy review consultation launch law, but scheduled for September REVISION CONSTITUTION
The first March 2017 the coordinating team members ' ALLAZO "Michalopoulos Kyriakos, Ioannis Georgakopoulos, Katranas George, Tsaknakis Kon/Nos, Aggeliki Giaxidoy, with a sense of responsibility, have prepared this:
Musical Organisational Front, with unique project the requirement to carry out "Local Referendums ' (something that apparently most are unaware because the KOMMATOKRATIA and the minions of the municipal COMBINATIONS hides).
As a tool of gradual transition to DEMOCRACY will be used the Law Commission. 3463 Article 216, <Κύρωση Κώδικα Δ+Κ>, the who predicts that referendum is announced in two ways:

D) after request, as we all know, of 2/3 the members of the Municipal Council and
B) with application 1/3 the voters of the MUNICIPALITY. the result of the referendum is binding for the Municipal Authority.

To arrive in asserting the referendum required the commitment of all active citizens, that is integrated and engaged in movements and small parties. Each logical man who sees the deadlock and delay of politikon STATE + MUNICIPALITIES is to promote this (Statement of participation in the CONVENTION) in every direction.

The aim is to create the appropriate social power (the required 1/3 ) which will adopt this proposal and will lodge the application envisaged requiring the first local referendum. So I realized the power of a large proportion of the total MARKET and at the same time will have a quite extensive democratic functioning of existing MUNICIPALITY.

After you succeed they now aim at a church in the municipality where the citizen shall submit the proposal and this will be under the full protection of the Municipality with projected regulation. Active citizens no longer will participate responsibly and productively as rapporteurs, speakers, listeners and as judges.

In the effort to investigate the rates of maturity for such a project, We will analyze political social tissue and will identify our companions, but consciously coordinated and the regime, so that in the future to put us all in a position of responsibility.

A and our project will have upfront opposite of representative (representative there because there are many who have no knowledge to have an opinion), We need to say a few words about the representation, the great feat of the oligarchy…
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