Two and a half thousand years after Aristotle wrote "Politics" proved not only timely and wise but seemed to know the design of those who wanted to kill the people who are the same since then.

But Plato was fully delineate the result of what was spineless and indifferent citizenship thus bring over their heads dangerous and destructive rulers. However, the same seems to happen until today.

Read the following excerpt the importance of their reasons:

"Seek the tyranny is to bankrupt citizens, both maintained with their money the guard of the scheme and on the other hand to be busy people and not their stays time for threats.

Σε αυτό το αποτέλεσμα αποβλέπει τόσο η επιβολή μεγάλων φόρων, η απορρόφηση των περιουσιών των πολιτών, όσο και η κατασκευή μεγάλων έργων που εξαντλούν τα δημόσια οικονομικά.»


Αλλά και ο Πλάτωνας είχε γράψει για τον λαό:

"Every nation is worthy of the people who rule the . No one is more ypodoylwmenos than those who mistakenly believe they are free.

Those who are indifferent to the common is doomed to always dominated by people katwteroys them. "

Plato 427-347 BC


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