N. Lightsome

– Why the sacrifice;
– Is the proper!
– There was ...
– Κι όμως.
– Why;
– What is the utility;
– The need.
– And to whom to say;
– I will not say, will show.
– And who will see it;
– Only the people.
– These are the others.
– We Greeks because we are ...
– What;
– Free slaves!
– But it is an oxymoron.
– It is absurd.
– It is only a paradox.
– But the truth.
– The slaves do not change remain slaves.
– And the Freemen do not know the value of freedom.
– We;
– Eleftheroi poliorkimenoi-the free besieged from the beginning, για να γίνουμε ελεύθεροι σκλάβοι στο τέλος.
– Is enigmatic your thought.
– And riddles solved.
– By whom;
– From those who live the truth.
– Our enemies don't love Socrates.
– But we, ναι.
– Who will occupy the obstetrics figure;
– Those who are ready.
– Who is ready to die;
– He who knows how to live.
– Who is ready to sacrifice;
– One who loves others.
– Who will have the courage;
– The slaves want freedom.
– Not for themselves alone.
– But for others.
– Only thus we offer.
– It is therefore a matter of conscience.
– We are alone, μαζί, για τους άλλους.
– Who can understand the message of Hellenism;
– He knows that is the same message.
– So I want us to destroy our enemies;
– See us pieces of humanity and trying to kill us with their crimes.
– Don't fight just for us.
– We fight and for others who can not make.
– And only us.
– The Innocent and Righteous.
– The resistance is a matter of attitude.
– And capacity.
– Resourceful Gladiators.
– It is not anymore Gladiators.
– We are together, στον ίδιο αγώνα.
– In the same battle.
– United in our humanity.
– Silent concert.
– It's time the counterattack.
– The stigma of Hellenism.
– Against barbarism.
– Now that antexame the attack we need to show our worth and for the future, όχι μόνο για το παρελθόν.
– And where we will find our arms;
– Where born.
– What you want to say;
– Born at sea.
– Therein lies our strength.
– But nobody sees.
– Why nobody thinks.
– Everyone we are an island.
– A loneliness that became uniqueness.
– And under the sea ...
– We are United ...
– The sea is the bridge of Hellenism.
– Fear has you driving me crazy.
– A sea bridge.
– What else will hear;
– What,τι μπορείς και μόνο!
– When will we stop this oppression;
– With our counter-attack.
– Who can believe that will draw apart;
– As long as you believe we, οι άλλοι θα το δουν με το έργο μας.
– It makes sense that says.
– It is therefore a matter of faith.
– Even in the worst moments, η πίστη μάς έσωσε.
– It is the story of our country.
– With suit believed to us.
– We need to trust ourselves.
– To stop the doubts.
– And to start the action.
– Our people will follow the daring.
– Now in this situation.
– Especially now.
– Why;
– Because it no longer has anything to lose.
– Freedom or death well ...
– This is our truth.
– This is our tradition.
– No one will stay a slave.
– The Greeks did not want slaves.
– Why slavery is not life.
– And only the free life make sense.
– And if you kill us;
– Again free we will be!
– Not born to be slaves.
– Not born to die.
– We all die.
– What matters is how you live and that you will die.
– Today we pick our lives.
– As if it never existed before.
– Can die well, αλλά τώρα αποφασίζουμε ότι θα ζήσουμε για τους άλλους.
– For the future.
– For memory.
– For the memory of the future.
– Nobody will say that we have abandoned the race.
– Nor the battle.
– Today we are born fighters.
– To live free.
– Or die worthy.
– No one can resist this decision.
– Anyone.
– And now;
– The end of the death.
– Life begins.
– With the battle.
– With the project.
– Against barbarism.
– For Hellenism.
– For humanity!