The final purposefulness every man is bliss. A prerequisite of bliss is our participation in decisions that concern us.

The epanorthosis the Greek state to project freedom: individual + social + political freedom, makes us possible to participate in our political decisions that concern. So we can we are blissful, blissful individually + ευδαίμονες κοινωνικά + ευδαίμονες πολιτικά.

It is not a dream. We can do it again· Ελληνίδες και ΄Ελληνες γαρ!



✦ Virtue: the prerequisite of bliss
✦ Aristotle: on Bliss, Virtue, Options and Responsibility.
✦ «The Alysodemenos Elefantas"


Ο καλύτερος τρόπος για να κάνεις τα όνειρά σου να βγουν αληθινά, είναι να ξυπνήσεις.

Paul Valery