“One of the things that should have been anarotithῇ all, is because no one ever knows what happens with elections.
Hundreds discussions, Post, TV ekpommpes Yet the people have complete ignorance concerning the election. The first natural question that arises is "why;"And the answer of just as easily: "Because it does not suit some" to gnorizῃ The World.
Theories and Literature, chatter and nonsense propels TVs, radio, Internet and personal discussions but apotelesmma remains the same questions torturers themselves and missed.

Is the process of Democratic; To symmetechῳ in elections or not;
What to psifisῳ; How to psifisῳ; Why psifisῳ; What about abstinence, The white, Cancel;
What about the small parties ;
When helping parties without thelῳ;”



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