Henry David Thorw (Henry David Thoreau) was an American philosopher, naturalist, writer and poet from Concord, Massachusetts (1817 – 1862). He was the third child of a micro-entrepreneur. He attended Concord Academy and continued his studies at Harvard, where was Professor Emerson, by whom he was influenced to a large extent.

Joined the transcendental idealism, but it was totally opposed to the German founders of. So he established his own philosophy in theory and practice. He was one of the most original American writers and poets of his time. Was being initiator of transcendental idealism and fond of ancient Classical Greece.

Some works are :"A week in the rivers and Mairimak Konkort" 1849, "A yank in Canada» 1856, "Civic Disobedience" 1849, "Goyolnten, life in the forests ' 1854 ' Travel and natural history – Walks» 1862, "The forests of Maine" was the 1863, "Comte" was the Cape 1865, «Early spring in Massachusetts "was the 1861. The best-known work was "Civil disobedience".


– – – T H E N E N T H O THE – – –

Good morning, k. Thorw. I am a time traveler. I wanted a long time chatting but I wanted before meeting you to talk first with your two large pupils. I am referring to Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi. Both have embraced your worldview and tried to make her act by signing the pages of history of the era. You have been for them and for many still a great philosopher, and an important Teacher. Do you consider yourself more a philosopher or activist;

I believe that these two go together. the following Sciences activism. Being a philosopher, I will not say to do subtle and intricate thoughts, nor to school set-ups, Despite much wisdom to love, so that living according to the dictates of, simple life, independent, brave and full of quality. I would say to some of the problems lyneis of life, not only in theory but also in practice. What you need is to be a practical philosopher.

Practical philosopher;; Δηλαδή;

We have today many professors of philosophy and we are not philosophers. A practical philosopher has to mentor of nature. The loves and taught by this. Then these lessons on the one hand the act done in his life and trial propagates and reflects the society in which he lives.

To learn the secrets of nature must not live near her;

But of course. I, to manage this apomonwthika in nature for two years, in a site on Goyolnten Mouse. There I had the time and comfort to contemplate how is actually the world. It was the most fruitful period of my life. I went to the Woods, because I wanted to live free, Why would n’ antikrizw only the essence of life, and I wanted to try, If I find out that I had a duty to teach. And then I felt that, While I went to die near them I hadn't even lived.

Human contact with the nature is giving ideas real well;

The world of forests and rivers are world good, While that of roads, of cities and the mob is a world gone bad. Is the marriage of the soul with nature that makes it intellectually fruitful, and gives birth to the imagination.

It is a little difficult, a man, even for a short period of his life ,as you suggest, to live in the Wild Nature;

Forests are not uninhabited but chock full of honest spirits as well with us ... What we call wild, It is a culture different from our own. Finally, We don't know what it's like to live in the countryside and we have become household pets more than’ as we think. It might be better if we could spend more hours per day and night without any barrier between our bodies and celestial bodies.

As long as you lived there ,odd, study at all;

The first summer I don't read books. I have grown beans. Often I had and better occupations. There were times when I could not accept to sacrifice the beauty of time in any job, intellectual or manual.


From that I know in this venture were only. Two year you felt no loneliness;

There are times in our lives that we are more alone when we are among the people, even when we stay with ourselves.

Halfway through the period of your stay in Golden, spent a night in detention center, When they refused to pay taxes to a municipal authority, funded the training of soldiers for the war in Mexico. That points to this illegal act;

When I meet a Government which says "your money or your life", Why biastw to give her my money;

When a law is unjust;

When the law is such, in order to force you to become instrument of injustice at the expense of another. Now you reminded me and an incident from that period when an acquaintance of mine the Emerson visited me in detention and asked me: "Henry, Why are you here;"and I replied with the question: "Goyolnto, because you're not here;».

For there to be righteous States there must be a fair Government and establishes and applies them. what in your opinion are the characteristics of such a Government;

I accept wholeheartedly the saying that says "the best Government is that which governs least", and I would like to see be made faster and more systematically. And when people will be ready for something that will be the kind of Government that will have. A really creative and free State to be such need and eleytheroys citizens. Not slaves.

What are the structural characteristics of a slave State;

It consists of a large mass of people serving the State, but not like people, but with their bodies as machines. In most cases you don't have room for free exercise of crisis and sense of morality, but they put themselves on the same level with the soil and the Woods and stones’ Maybe they can form chains and wooden people which will serve equally well for the same purpose. Such people don't inspire any more respect than’ what,What were the slave state lawmakers of,politicians of,his lawyers, the Ministers and public officials- serve the State chiefly with their minds and, as Reubens attempting some moral distinctions, the same is likely to serve the devil, without intention, like God.

What is needed to become a slave state into a democratic State free people;

To discern and to emulating this very small number heroes, Patriots, reformers and people who serve the State with their consciences.

The mass because I can not gain consciousness and needs helpers monastery;

The masses of people who blindly obey and comply meekly to power on commands in the, they have basically given up the free exercise of their judgment and have betrayed their moral feeling, they have lost their ability to distinguish right from wrong, the good from the bad.

That is born of racism in a society;

The bad neighborhood will have to Dodge himself is our self. Our own fears create evil people, bad neighborhoods, bad folks.

Hidden happiness;

In simplicity. Our life is spent in details ... Simplify, simplify. People live with the wrong perception that happiness conquered through some fate which they call need. This obliges them to stow treasures, they will eat the skoros and rust, They steal the robbers and burglars. Is such silly life life, and someday the discover. But often, This is their last day. What sighs the banker, the last "Bum" may have: free time and head of quiet.

Your age as the lawsuit gives me greater worth in material from the spirit ...

Unfortunately it's true. To strayed... Dress a scarecrow with your new costume and stand with your old side of. Who is the one who wouldn't prefer to greet the scarecrow; It's a shame but we spend more to feed any of the parts of our body, than,What we are spending to feed our spirit.

From that I know hate the correctness and the mimitismo of ...

Obviously. We have reached the point where a monkey in Paris wear something, immediately becomes fashion in America. To fylagesai my net from occupations requiring new clothes.

When it comes to success in a man's life;

When someone is moving decisively in the direction of his dreams, and struggles to live the life you have dreamed of, will meet the success there that don't wait.

Love what role it plays in our lives;

It is a force that lifts but simultaneously puts and the necessary brake on our lives. He who travels alone, can start today. But he who travels with another must wait till to prepare and the other and so it may take time before they leave. But the only way avoids crashes. Love should ' Yes so light, as is and flame.

What is the remedy for a dying love;

No drug exists for love, Besides the same love.

Love begets hate;

Conditionally Yes. Those who cherish their hate can be. The others are indifferent.

You have passions;

But of course. Life is so precious, that should not be the only one in spends to ensure better conditions of life.

What is the biggest debt of man;

The man must follow his conscience, regardless of the price.

What is the attitude to life that suggest;

The truest life is when we are awake in dreams. If you have built castles in the air, your job didn't go to waste. There ought to be. Now put the foundations under them.

What do you think is the fate of our species;

I have no doubt that it is the fate of humanity, in its evolution, stop eating animals and eaten like animals , just like the wild tribes stopped eating each other, When they came into contact with more advanced tribes. we need a life bearable and anthrwpini . What does a House if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put up;

What legacy you want to leave before you leave this world;

No. Easily get a legacy but hardly the throw off. Every beard must create the trial of reality.

A tip for our readers before close;

To have their eyes open to discover sooner becomes the destination in our world. And this target should always be compatible with the well-being of our next-door. Many people go fishing all their lives, without knowing that there is this fish looking.

Thank you so much for taking my time.

And I thank you.


Source biography:Wikipedia
The above interview is not authentic but is trying to proswpografisei Henry David Thorw. All the answers are in their views and positions set him and shaped by the author ,to combine in harmony, in order to give the impression of an interview with continuous flow.

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