Athens 17 March 2015




Assembly Committee on auditing of debt and the promotion of international cooperation of the Chamber with the European Parliament, the parliaments of other countries and other international organisations in the sphere of the debt, announced today the Chairman of the House Zoe Konstantopoulou.

The President of the Chamber in the introductory speech stressed that the establishment of a minimum debt to the Greek society and to the European Community for Justice and Truth and added :
"The Mission of the Commission is the demand of the people and society and inalienable democratic rights of citizens:
– To check, to decode and analyse the public debt for five years used as an excuse to withdraw from the fundamental principles of the social State of law and of non-negotiable rights and freedoms as well as through tool and exandrapodismoy of the people.
-To find all the parameters and the contracts considered and composed of debt. To assign the loans to the real purpose for which the corresponding amounts expended.
IMG_2015_03_17_643– To investigate what part of loans diaspathisthike in procurement corruption, Starter, interweaving, What part paid directly to lenders, What interest they are paid and how agreed. "
"The simplistic narrative ΄΄Oi chrwstaei΄΄ ΄΄I Greece or Greeks owe and need to plirwsoyn΄΄, Mrs Konstantopoulou, that translates into compulsive sacrifices for the sake of the repayment, ignores basic principles of international law, of European law, humanitarian law».
"The question", continued, "what portion of loans actually spent in social purposes, collective purposes and what portion of loans default snatched away the people and unbeknownst to society "are interwoven with the question" what portion of the debt is legitimate and which part of the debt is burdensome, hateful and shameful, It is unlawful and undue ".
"The proven, and signed over acknowledged corruption-but I refer to cases of SIEMENS or armament programs – they have undeniably and demonstrably contribute to swelling government debt. Respectively, in swelling government debt have helped synomologisis excessive clauses practices, interest rates and interest, that spewed literally rocketing debt. "

Central role in debt Audit Commission, as Chairman of the House, take the Mep of SYRIZA Sofia Sakorafa and the expert scientist on issues of debt the contemptible and illegal Eric Toussaint.

"The audit request of the debt stems from the very society in which the Parliament will look for props and helpers. It is also known that in our country this is live for several years and has implemented the conquest of a social demand, through movements and through initiatives, where has the lead Sofia Sakorafa ' Mrs Konstantopoulou and added:
"Apart from social demand, the audit is also a fundamental obligation and of parliamentary operation to new generations and generations to come. Because when we talk about debt that must be repaid and when the schedule of repayment of spans multiple decades, one must be aware of all is that they are called upon to pay a debt that is not created generations that do not bear any responsibility for the creation of.
Τέλος, the issue of debt is the main way in public debate at European and global level, and it is imperative to have a parliaments not only reason but also knowledge of issues and requests, so the issue of debt, European and global issue, not converted to rise to a new type of racism endoeyrwpaϊkoys, as racism that wants the people of the South to be useless, lazy and debtors, racism who finally severs the basic and fundamental principles of the European society and the European Union. "

As noted by Mrs Konstantopoulou, the Audit Committee will set up debt by decision of the President of the Chamber of deputies in accordance with Article 49 of the House rules, providing for the establishment of committees and delegations, which are necessary for the promotion of international cooperation of the Chamber with the European Parliament, the parliaments of other countries and other international organisations, in conjunction with Article 98 the second Part of the House rules providing for the establishment of committees from non-parliamentary persons with special knowledge or experience, to study specific subjects or performing work outside the normal cycle of tasks and services of the House.
There will be a Commission study, He stressed the President of the Chamber, but a Commission extroverted in two ways: on the other hand with direct communication with Greek citizens and society and on the other hand, with open apeythynsi in European Nations through the European and national parliaments and the European Parliament.
The issue of relationship and communication of the findings and conclusions of the Commission to the European Parliament and National Parliaments in Europe Sofia Sakorafa undertakes, He said the Chairman of the House, adding: "I'm sure that will be the best Ambassador the requests related to auditing and the chaperone track that valuation of debt that needs to be deleted".

The Eric Toussaint, from the other side, take the piece of the scientific coordination of an international group-who is already in the process of setting up- from people dedicated to the object of the audit and the resulting, subsequent deletion request, an international team which will participate along with Greek scientists, Special, institutions of society, We will establish this Committee ".

The Commission, According to the speaker of the House, will start work in early April. The inaugural meeting will be announced and the full composition, While carrying out a planned International Conference for June, so and are expected to present some preliminary findings from the control.

The Sofia Sakorafa in her speech stressed that all the Governments of the 2010 and after persistently and deliberately denied the debt audit, denied the revelation of truth.

"Refused the administration of Justice. Refused the unmasking of acts, omissions and actions of individual persons that served the specific policies which we arrived until here. The refused about logic "I will not put my hands I take my eyes", the Mep underlined the SYRIZA and added:
"But the current Government has another logic. Invites civil society to put the finger on the sore spot, over IE in the deep imprints, on open wounds left in the body of the Greek society and the past five years, but the years preceding '.

Explaining the Mission of the Audit Committee on debt pointed out that: "the Commission is nothing more than the lost dignity and credibility of an entire society. Is nothing else than to become the true domain of our people. Is nothing other than our collective emancipation against unfair and timwritikes policies. Is nothing more than an open public forum reveals manipulations, revealing guilty policies, revealing the root causes, that educates in collective forms of action, that ultimately is an extremely useful tool in our big fight for the survival of the people, in our struggle to identify and demonstrate the illegality and injustice ".

The Eric Toussaint in his introductory speech stressed:
"Unfair debt, It is a debt which has been undertaken without respect for the general interest. It is a debt which has been undertaken to encourage specific interests of a privileged minority.
An illegal debt, It is a debt that has been undertaken without respect for the constitutional law or in the applicable legal order in the country which assumed this debt and the zone in which created this debt.
A shameful debt, is either a debt which has been taken over by a despotic, authoritarian regime, either a debt which has been undertaken in violation of fundamental human rights.
An unsustainable debt, burdensome, is a debt whose repayment prevents citizens of one country to enjoy and to enjoy their fundamental human rights.
A debt is considered unfair, when undertaken to benefit one specific minority interest and at the expense of the general interest.

Referring to the objectives of the Audit of the Debt Commission stressed: "We will consider what objectives sought, When these debts were undertaken from Greece, to serve the general interest of the Greek people, but eurozone Nations or to accommodate specific interests and if yes, What; For example, These certain private large banks. All these will analyse with strictly scientific way and in depth».


✦ What is and what the audit of public debt aims;