·It is too simple to allegiance to the regime. There is something more simple than to declare slave, blindly submissive in vertical or pyramidal hierarchy of central authority and power, all of the left-center-right parties of party politics and tyrannikis of the banking cartel; Search-search, somewhere will find a supposedly head, ruler, kathestwtiko Shepherd or leader to RAM in a corral.

· But freedom is not simple. By Democritus and then, the concept of freedom remains static and dynamic complex complex. However, neither the static of complexity, Neither the dynamic complexity of freedom did not prevent any, neither one, from the States of classical Greece, to create a global structure to take collective decisions, so that the collectivity of its citizens to emerge in one State in freedom.

· As the freedom, so all the static complex and dynamic complex systems is problematic, for both mathematics and philosophy. The study requires a new scientific proseggisi, investigating how the structure of the interactions between the parts of a system causes the dynamic behavior and how the system interacts and forming new relationships with its environment.

· Our choice of course remains simple. We want the simplicity of being blindly submissive slaves or want to live in a State with complex static and dynamic complex freedom, that cumulative mean: προσωπική ελευθερία + social freedom + political freedom;



“Complexity Map” by Brian Castellani – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Complexity_Map.svg#/media/File:Complexity_Map.svg



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