Etienne Chouard: “There is no judgment on those who finance election campaigns”
Excerpt from broadcast on the channel Canal 2

“I think it's a mistake to think that politicians are incapable of the don't understand when they that serve the “General will”. If it was for the General will, obviously not good. If however the reverse angle, understanding that, ultimately, These people serve the interests of those who chose, who are the super-rich, it 1% of the population, then it is not a disaster, but for wow. Everything is going as planned. Social security is dissolved, unemployment is on the rise, allowing the wage cut and the existence of low wages. Επομένως, high profits. Επομένως, all is going well, under the vision of 1%, who devour as never before.
The banks should be in jail for fraudulent bankruptcy, yet bosses are paid better than ever and now arriving to the rulers of countries.
I don't consider the situation at all destructive for those who finance the election campaigns of politicians and I think here, in this Visual, This is quite reasonable Hollande: serves the interests of those who promoted, by viewing on tv, in newspapers.
Why buy banks the “Libération” (Journal);
Why buy a bank “Le Monde” (Journal);
Why buy a bank a quarter of “Sud-Quest” (Journal);
Why buy credit unions the 1/4 regional daily Press;
To win the election and therefore, to those politicians depend on the chosen.
The problem is that our politicians do not owe anything to voters: whether they vote or not, you will find someone else if you do not you.
The aim is to vote for those who watch tv. those who are not politicised.
For’ self (politicians) need to do a lot of tileoptikes views.
See the rates; It is incredible the correlation that exists between television appearances and election results, enough to climb the competitors ' rates in 10-15% to give the impression of pluralism and after the two parties have the same, right policy, yet they are called left and right, but essentially have the same policy for industries and bankers, multinational.
Essentially, the highest position and set these elected, one or the other, little attention has been, will exercise the same policy. So apparently the world is good when he believes candidates during election campaigns.
Our goodness that is causing frustration following us and ultimately, the 200 years of failure of the Catholic vote to allow the rich to buy political power.
By the time you write the constitutions, These people have put in place a system of, first of all, rigid, This is clear, then Catholic, When they got wind of it.
The Toqueville told from very early, in the early 19th century. Έλεγε: “Don't frighten the Catholic vote, but that the world would vote that they say.” and this happens and it works well. Επομένως, the fact that voting bosses instead of voting laws is a political Sham. We are not a Democracy.
In The Republic, I vote we ourselves our laws, It is a way to vote laws, not to define bosses. The fact that we must define bosses is a scam. Gives a ploytokratiko score, with the rich to run here and 200 χρόνια. So we arrive in a crisis, where capitalism is failing to have enough wages in order to consume their garbage.
So, πράγματι, pretend that the system is in crisis, as if it were an accident. But it is not an accident, things are going as usual, with a policy of weakness. You are right about the political weakness, but this political weakness is scheduled.
There is a point where it is written that the people has no power. This point is called “CONSTITUTION”, but the problem is that anyone not interested. We are not interested in the Constitution, is well made for us. It is not wrong of apaisiwn who run, It is our fault, NOT GRAFOYME TO DIKO MAS SYNTAGMA, where will our strength now, the referendum on popular initiative, the election without candidates or elections with preliminary round, where it will be impossible for offenders to xanakateboyn etc…
The weakness is due to the resignation of the constitutional process and as going for what do political representatives, the representatives of the rich, We pass the problem in our fine print. It seems to me, therefore, that epanestiazontas in trouble, our reasoning in epanestiazontas cause of our problems, We manage to find solutions…”

Translation in Greek: Iota Angelaki


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