The Sphinx captures the secret to enter the depths of ourselves
The Sphinx captures the secret to enter
in the sanctuaries of ourselves

The philosopher Socrates He advocated that, to anyone actually and filosofisei to capture the truth, I had to meet her real self (self-knowledge). Who was in his opinion the way you achieve knowledge of our real self; The loss of dual ignorance. Namely Socrates tells us that all people are initially unaware of two things thinking:

a) that is confident in anything know (even themselves)
b) they know how the world and life

Both, Socrates tells us, are ignorant, Sin (is not affiliated with the Christian vision – I am sinning means budge out of the degrees > EC of the verb “meiromai”).

To capture the real self and to know how the world must eliminate the following:

a) to stop thinking it is sure for those who know
b) to stop to thinks he knows how the world

If one eliminates these two forms of ignorance, then has the possibility to enter in ENDOSKOPISI and traveled the road to know him!!

Bear in mind the myth with Oedipus and the Sphinx. Why no one passer-by saw no solution to the Enigma of the Sphinx that had to do with how many feet “έχει” man in every age; Because I just didn't know that they were people! (Know him). Let's also think about. Just Oedipus found the solution. Αλήθεια, because his name meant him with swollen leg and had a relationship with his feet Enigma; The eternal wisdom for humans, the divine and the world is hidden in Greek philosophy and mythology.

Shown in the video is an excerpt from Plato's dialogue the Alcibiades, to which Socrates discusses this double ignorance..