"The safest guarantee for the stability of a State, which generally neglected, the civic education in accordance with the spirit of the Constitution. Because even the worst laws, who perhaps introduced by agreement of all citizens who have the right to vote, is totally useless, If people are not acquainted with the régime through addiction and treatment. The legislator seeks to refine their addicting citizens; if you do not follow the correct method for this, fails; this is the difference between good and faulty mode».

"Those who have many goods, either power or wealth or fans, do not want nor can go quietly down the power of the State. This begins at home, because when the children have grown up in luxury, in school they learn not to obey any more».

But more important than the financial equality is the equality of citizens in the effort of obtaining power; such equality is not possible, If people are not educated sufficiently by the laws. For this the State must ensure in any event for public
Ethics; anyone who has accustomed from child will endure unruffled.

"It's hard to meet anyone from new correct path to moral virtue, If you do not grow at a similar education system. Most people don't consider enjoyable life with wisdom and hard persistence, in particular young people. For this purpose the lawsuit and the pursuits of youth must be defined by law; why this with which nobody feels familiar as something oppressive».

Aristotle's Politics.