Vasia Zarifopoyloy • Nikos Gewrgantzas

Has been widely advertised, even by mainstream MEDIA or from blogs, the function of subliminal messages, they invade our brain as pests, through ads, musical compositions, art. Their goal has been to steer us toward concrete thinking and to our fields require the acceptance of a constructed reality, for the benefit only of those operators of regular.

The function of constructed consensus has various stages. The journalist Jon Rappoport has dealt in detail with the operation of. Us reveals that the constructed consensus can be applied to issues such as vaccination, genetically modified foods, climate change, the bogus epidemics, the elections and the war.

The constructed consensus can be applied widely throughout the general issue of the same reality. It starts with some so-called ' valid ' voice, proclaiming how an idea is fact, a and some or someone should start to… throws the ball.

Very quickly, According to the plan, Some people need to get the ball and repeat the original idea. This includes both ' reputable ' people and teams. The media come willing to participate.

What follows is a struggle to gain admission to the public. All kinds of approaches used in this stage of the process, eg:

α΄) the claim that an agreement has already been reached, that is a lie,

β΄) attacks on dissidents and critics,

γ΄) warnings that a refusal of acceptance of the central idea will have disastrous consequences "for us all",

IV) cooked and paranoid scientific studies,

v) General reminders that the idea promoted supposedly is "for the good of the place" and represents the largest number of supporters,

s΄) shocking expressions that there are supposedly "still people who refuse to accept the obvious",

VII) new laws and regulations that forge the existence,

η΄) Hence nomimopoiimenoi compulsions,

IX) arguments as absurd and paradoxes, people accept, thinking that somewhere have lost their meaning,

x) relegation of diverging views on the margins of the ' wild conspiracy theory»,

XI) marginalisation of dissidents in legal matters, that lead to endless and seemingly labyrinth of corridors, and

XII) connection of diverging views with negative images and negative emotions.

After a suitable period of time, most people can not at all to remember when the original idea was under serious question. And yet… None of these propaganda tactics sometimes will not succeed, If people are not feeling a strong need for a central authority that determines reality.

To put it otherwise, people have a low tolerance for chaos, in which there are many conflicting views on a subject of crucial importance. Prior years, the Jon Rappoport made interesting experiments with small groups regarding the mess.

Π.χ., as a part of an experiment, He had people in the group to sing spontaneously one touch, all at once, any touch. Concluded that: ten people, ten different notes emerge.

After he asked them to first hear the total musical score and then to give the hint that they believed would add greater dissonance in Group audio. Most of the time, the Group tended to succumb to the "harmony", and eventually we all sing the same note.

It didn't matter what touch. Everyone would point to deliver the same musical tone.

It was comfortable. This was accepted and was a ' section '.

Something like this is and with ideas. Most people prefer this ' harmony ' and ' section '·. the looking, μάλιστα, persistently.

It seems that somewhere in our mind there is a learning program that asks for the consent, a program that prefers the consent from the diversification. The dissonance or the dispute is recorded as a negative fact.

The Jon Rappoport stressed the power of our imagination-alignment, and offered many exercises to expand the scope and range of. But the program in favor of uniform consensus fades and decomposes in front in our imagination.

Often, What we call reality is a patchwork of mechanical wages. The core of reality is the desire for unity scheduled, that doesn't compare to anything with the kind of unity that can happen when people who live in and by imagination coexist and cooperate.

A person who lives a life in and out of the imagination, can and invents a new and unprecedented… Reality.

Source: http://www.activistpost.com/2015/04/the-operation-called-manufactured.html



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