A revolutionary antieklogiko text

Posted in revolutionary Trade Union newspaper "Defense" of Hp. Apostolides, on the occasion of the election of 1920. Republished at no. 10 – May 2007 – the bulletin "black letters" of the OAU.

The following manifesto was written and posted by the anarchist trade union leader in the Revolutionary Trade Union Koychtsogloys Stavros journal «defense» (Hercules Apostolides), on the occasion of the urban national elections 1920. Stavros Koychtsogloys is one of the major figures of Greek and international anarchist movement. He became active in the labour movement, mainly in the cities of Istanbul, of Alexandria, of Athens and Volos. Alexandria was associated with the known Italian anarchist Errico Malatesta.

Stavros Koychtsogloy – 1920 / Why can't I vote!

“Already on the Parilthen century’ the bourgeois efeyrwn the middle of vote, by smothering bi ʼ this people's cravings, and to keep him in misery, Tutu, for so many years to make to pistepsi that he – the hungry, the koyreliaris, the villainous – is the dominant, These are the officers of the. And on 120 years now thought k ʼ I workman – industrialist or farmer – the falsehood of this as truth on this koroidian as severity. And etyrannithin in every way, and ebasanisthin on generation by generation to bring "the best" at things, as with serve, and my favourite ones officers, coming into things, first concern had always been how to sink more into the mire of athliotitos, EC apolambanontes of my misery and live EP my death.
Enough now here. Now I have relates of the title of the Sovereign with ypiretas. I don't want any of the ypiresian, because I decided to serve my introvert myself. By the judge and say.
PsIFIZW NOT Because enoisa that everyone – Monarchists, Constitutional, Dimokratai, Sosialistai etc – been liars, and that all those, wish to work, offered willingly to serve ostensibly, indeed to enjoy those of my sterisewn and live happy ones during the whole of the ʼ life at my expense, anagkazontes me to work by ordering them and reap these.
PsIFIZW NOT Because I no longer want to elect with my hands my tyrants, epikyrwnwn so tetraetian by efeyresews – the vote – the onerous this koinwnikon Symbolaion, which holds in apognwsin with, in marasmon and in death.
PsIFIZW NOT Because I no longer want to run every 4etian, like a dog to the ballot box by eklexw, I myself tyrants who will take Eve part to operate this system, katasyntripsoyn for the weak if you request some bread in their hunger, plirwnwn, I, them through the apotropaion of work with cash, with privileges, with honor.
PsIFIZW NOT Because epaysa to wait longer on my salvation from the miracle of my vote. He spent the season of miracles, of the Magi, the Saints, the spiritualists, the vote. Break the kombologion this miracles and assume the initiative I, organoymenos cost and far from the Secretary of sapilan epitideiwn, as enoisas that my cheirafetisis will only finish and will ensure the same now – through my organwsews unto the apokatastasin of my location.
PsIFIZW NOT Because I want the longer exafanisin of aischroy trade therefore where, people are forced to sell their hands, their ability, his knowledge of, the meats the, the daughter of, the sons of, the family of, the friendship of, and the ekmetalleywntai the trapezitai, Traders, manufacturers, the mesitai, religion, the bureaucracy, the State, and exploits the physician the sick, the priest in pethammeno and run all sat straboi on the slippery slope of the indignity of, prosechontes only in money, in ambition and vicious apolaysi of selfishness.
PsIFIZW NOT Because I want the longer exafanisin of this agorazontos and pwloyntos the chamozwin of, traffic that makes up the Nearly simerinin, and the anadimioyrgian of a new and free society through my organisations, within which the only person will eyripliri freedom and axioprepeian of.
PsIFIZW NOT Because ekatalaba that those who take a tab Eleytherofronwn, Liberals, Socialists etc. and stick like lice in scabies apanoy with my yposchesin that would heal, public not only increase the itching of, anoigontes deeper wounds of, to keep in a eleeinotati from which katastasi won't be apallachthw until the day they will fly forever over me and will confine myself to my tharapeian to the sanatorion of my organwsews.
PsIFIZW NOT Because I saw that BI ʼ this media dierchomai all my life in the butt of my bwdioy tilling the Earth, with a Sovereign title, While those who present themselves as Nationalists, Liberals, Sosialistai etc. DIA to serve ostensibly, enjoy all the fysikas kallonas, listening to music they, the moment that I hear… of my bwdioy, bathed with herbs they, the moment that scour I dungs, kraipaloyn these, the moment that I misopethammenos, douse the xerokommato me to fagw.
PsIFIZW NOT Because I woke up most of the ʼ lithargon where m ʼ ebythisan all of these charlatans and saw that nature eproikise and me like these with a mind ʼ to expound as much as I can with eyes by seeing what,What a nice m ʼ like with ears by hearing those sounds with delight with osfrisin by to smell everything,What scent I prefer with geysi by to test everything,what substance to please with teeth, stomachon through to massw and send to my stomachon osin necessity has food with feet by to direct and to walk as much as I want and with hands by to ergazwmai according to the necessity that I presented for the above my ikanopoiisin orexewn.
PsIFIZW NOT Because all these instruments with which to eproikise nature, by means of this vote, My kathypetaxan the katergareoi, and no movement is no longer free. My anagkai olai of my eyes, of my mind, my ears, of my nose, my teeth, of my stomach, of my feet and my hands, depend on the "Apofasizomen and diatassomen" of Ethnikofronwn, the Liberals, the Socialists and other bagapontidwn, who offered as officers supposedly speaking Sovereign and laugh at.
PsIFIZW NOT Because he no longer epanagkes to put through my every katergari organisations in the UN "thesi Apofasizomen and diatassomen ' or Goynarin offered, either from the Benizelon, either by Briand, either by Lenin. To "decide and to lay out" your only animal skins of other, because the natural and true law that says every person "apofasizi and diatassi" himself only in accordance with the needs of, and every administration in accordance with the needs of the members of this.
PsIFIZW NOT Because the story with edidaxe that the Discipline and obedience unto the "apofasizomen and diatassomen" of others, cover inside of all my wretchedness, the sterisin and death not only in my Special but my husband and my children, k ʼ those born k ʼ those who will have the accident be born, katerimwnoysai so olokliroys family and entire Nations, to apolaysin some of these ambitious anoitwn, Barbarian archomanwn, ktinanthrwpwn.
PsIFIZW NOT Because I realise now that a welcome natural law there is the Peitharchein and Ypakoyein to ikanopoiisin the needs of my organization, century anagkai certainly calamity will be aisthitai and by other members of my organwsews and will be fulfilled by this single ʼ.
PsIFIZW NOT Because I want to live free now and my freedom it is impossible to give me any crafty opportunists for «apofasizomen diatassomen ' bi and’ This "decide and enjoin" and I myself, fiber organoymenos far from every evil, impose upon them the liberty, through my organisations. I have the pepoithisin, ότι, If, so thinking, each worker taking the private apofasin with me, within a short time period will experience good results of free and had been held by each us Secretary sapilan organizations.”






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