ENOUGH with the failure, weakness and conscious or non-indifference, which exhibit almost all collectives (Parties, organizations, fronts) who self-identify as anti-mnimoniakes forces and operate in Greece. We know that what matters is the issue of national independence and democracy by the people for the people.
The content of the current race corresponds with reality only when the main goal of the movement is these two spearhead, which simultaneously are the unique terms of unity of the people. It is obvious that we can not have the same tactic in conditions of bourgeois democracy with tactics that owe money to got to the current conditions of colonialism because of debt. In balkonaki well.
Election parody.
Almost abstention 50% the Greek people. But what preoccupied the losers and participants in the systemic electoral process, It was not natural to analogistoyne why and how neither the stinginess of their egwpatheias and infinite knowledge the training politikoistoriki, but the functional illiteracy and lack of education policy 50% of apechontwn. The pain for heavy.
Others speak of logic results, for deprivation of votes, the comrade-in-arms Dimitris Kazakis for misery, for fifth column and that will divide us from seeing and after. Heavy words that just hate can cause. Perhaps it wishes the Secretary-General of EPAM. But we are lenient and give temporary alibi emotional charge. The game we know all that is well staged.
We abstained understood very well and was not out of indifference but consciously I abstained posing as our priority the Organization and attack. APANTOYME well: When you know the electoral law, then consciously with your secure participation the first comma. Because not every Cacique does not know how many have registered on lists of! Not to mention other so, who will prefer the last time , but let's put them;
When consciously KATEBAZEIS in ELECTIONS a party that apparently will not get into the House and know that it is impossible, then it means GIVING VOTES to the first party. So what so much hypocrisy ;; If not to keep away those who do not think deep ;;;and the worse you are trying to create hatred against us! All this will be recorded in history and will be borne by you, but like all ephemeral thinking people so you guys think that supporting the status quo will be spared the nation the worst evils.
From the above analysis shows that you do consciously. Why explain the you. We got the message. Who is who 50% of votes cast the made in 100% the people in the results; So the 17% the News is done automatically 34%.
You say that the responsibility is of apechontwn. Nice logic. HERE MORE OF INTEREST APPEARS MIKRON KOMMATWN WHICH WITH THE PREVIOUS INTERPRETATION I HAD ANTI 3% 1,5% Nobody messes with the electoral law because no one pays . So it's easier to ftysoyme the neighbor.
Assume that you have convinced us and you walked in the House, of course not all, but the 50% the mikrokommatikwn that their purpose was to save Greece with their voice. The rest 50% My feeders and young male animals will not come, who would go to the votes of; The first party of course!!! For followers and Dimitri kommatarches Kazaki. Anger with yourself! Learn to manage your workforce and not to treat!
We are not guilty we don't you convinced me with the wrong tactics. Review how the organisational and administrative ability. Open the doors of your mind. If you have really good intention you accept to participate in co-organizing the necessary Assembly from which sprung the optimum majority solution .
Good Freedom !!!
The organized abstainers and thinking of fighters (a preparatory) REPUBLIC:
ALLAZO for n ’ was ALL




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