She asked a friend: What we will vote now Dimitri???
I replied you won't ever ever xanapsifisw…..Paraxeneytike…..And I started to explain patiently why won't xanapsifisw…..nor in parliamentary or local elections…..
I briefed him on some thoughts I had written two days on site,explaining that the problem in our country is not financial, but political as all mankind…
Somewhat agreed.. He continued, however, tells me that as a responsible citizen with democratic principles should choose some because the country is in danger….
Then I replied that eanpsifisw will come into conflict with my conscience….and to those who until now have not written about the functioning of a genuine Democracy that gave birth to this place….
Then I told him that I do not want to become complicit in crime….of debased quality and degeneration of already digressive Republic…It is a matter of personal ethical and do not want any involvement.
Continued the pressure and replied…Utmost virtue and supreme good of man democracy….
Stayed for a bit pensive and tells me, for continued what you want to say with the above….?
Θέλω να πω, that democracy means that the municipality (ο λαός) reign and the elected and the conscripts citizens (άρχοντες) archoyn for a time and then finally…. After participating only in Ecclesia….
The responsibility for their place taken by citizens, not elected or conscripts Lords….they carry out the decisions of the Church of the municipality….is directly and the various Demoi accountable for any irregularity or illegality the…
Judge within 5 nthimeroy all civil crimes and not imprison any.
From the first steps a citizen acquires democratic consciousness with his participation in the management of power and doesn't expect Saviors…
If you see any similarity with the current form of democracy to tell me…
My not responded…..He told me only this democracy we have now what to do…be the change …?
I replied that in order to change the current form of degenerate democracy must know that democracy worked in the place he was born and then change….
I told him that I don't trust the fate of my country in partisan leaders who have become professional contractors lifelong politicians. Morals and virtues until today around the world and not just in my country have accumulated evils and nothing else….
This democracy didn't want another to defend….Reached the desert people to request the junta ….Unfortunately we got there….And the intellectuals? who are the intellectuals?
We are democratic citizens with democratic principles and virtues? We are citizens who enjoy the benefits of democracy are we citizens or irresponsible and mutants?
From when the Republic entrusts the representatives and decide for us without us?
This democracy that we choose and elect kalponotheytika Rescuers and Ethnarches to govern you give away…
The Republic did not have parties and ideological-ISMOYS ….did not have Constitutions and rescuers had responsible citizens without party identities…Their authority was the majority of the people and not asking for responsibilities of third parties on the decisions that were ... They were in a nutshell virtues…..why Republican citizen means citizen with virtues and values defended himself publicly things and not the representatives…
I don't want another divisive to govern us the irresponsible business politicians who rimaxan the country and no one was punished…Vote for you…..Something I know to continue to follow them with such passion….Although Airetas principles oligarchikon the polity…Klirwtas we principles Dimokratikon….Aristotle….
A democratic people not looking for rescuers struggling for democracy and equitable participation in the management of power, that is everyone's concern and not a matter of…
For this Republic will strive…and not for rescuers…See buddy?


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