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The last years, the years of crisis, with the huge ftwchopoiisi of the population with a very well organized manner, We note the increasing anger of the majority of citizens but sells in posts on social media , in some articles and some isolated protests with which of course doesn't sweat his ear ' system ' .
Gradually started the formation of citizens which operate mainly as groups findings , groups with proposals for the State and end groups "MANTRIA" which try to exploit some cunning so as to create a party – movement with consideration for the ' system ' .
As easily kaneis finds today no group or movement currently has no gain firepower , not even a degree of popularity in the general public, despite the great social rage and obsolescence that exists for the present politiko system. Why this happens ;
My personal considerations are as follows :
D) The findings are something that makes each of us , the constant repetition of the members of a group do not help , tire , throwing the psychology , cause irritation and lead to disorientation of the Group .
B) Groups or movements that deal exclusively with the State unwillingly the door is closed to many citizens who do not have the background knowledge , or maturity but also the depth of thought to attend these groups .
In my opinion these groups cannot obtain ever firepower because it is monothematikes and flag a topic that requires political maturity . Nevertheless it can be very helpful at the right time because the change of State is the ultimate goal but must consciously become , organized with strategic planning and with great maturity on the part of the citizens so as to not come back in the future at the political lapses like the one we live in today.

A group of well if it wants to have substantial presence must be designed to function as a political tool (citizen's tool) which must first and foremost to stand an alternative national character allowing the channeling of energies of the various social strata in a common goal.
The group needs to be structured and operated in such a way as to promote coherence and promote the development of a strategic planning steps that the ultimate goal is the decisions to come from citizens at local level first so they learned and the necessary social and political maturity and then at national level.
Strategic planning must include all social and political sectors but the most important is the way in which you communicated to citizens . Areas such as the political system , the legislation, the public administration , the social justice ,education and many others need to be discussed and worked on by the team but may not go out if the team doesn't acquire first KYROS to touch such issues. In other words a group to build political power must first build social force. Also the above areas to work and take the form of PROPOSALS to the society require States with similar educational backgrounds that will join the team when she give samples ethos , proper organization and operation.
Because the beginning is half the battle very important is starting a group , that is the first aspect that will "raise" public and which will make it more widely known. In my personal assessment that the topic must have to do with job creation and by extension with the development in conjunction with the possibilities that can arise from proper functioning of municipalities. A number of proposals for development , education and utilization of local resources ' forcing ' the municipalities to get helpers in this effort is a first good action for a citizen's tool group .
A political group in a region can find a resource ( eg. recycling) , some team members well can study this resource , to find examples of utilization of the resource of this abroad and to prepare a workshop concerning the creation of a social enterprise for exploiting this resource with emphasis on developmental prospects of such an undertaking as well as on job creation. The group will not draw up a business plan but will publicize the capabilities of this machine .
May well motivate both the creation of a team of technocrats (associated with the object) We will consider the resource utilization (business plan) and the municipality to provide information and facilities to technocrats to prepare the proposal for resource exploitation. The business plan then and with the patronage of the municipality can be made public to express interest in local investors and cooperating .
A series of such meetings and actions can serve as a compass in the vast stillness that exists at the moment and also will bring prestige to the group that organizes. At the same time can thereby lead the city to institutionalize procedures for the use and operation of premises , resources , features. The substance of the political group over time to transform the city from partisan tool that is today in politiko tool while to educate citizens and democracy.
Of course, teams from various regions should be closely intertwined and when gain prestige and maturity needed should move at national level . eg. CONFERENCE REPRESENTATIVES.
The following part of a broader collectives Agreement, groups, movements and parties to attendance at a conference.

We accepted that the volume can only be played a subversive role in politics these governments. Accepting too the same logic to notify in (this) in all areas and movements that communicate.

After the last parliamentary counterpart is that blackmailed by non-national interest, that weak point in the IS HIERARCHIC (pyramidal) structure of… SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM, AS ALL OUR KNOW, ARE THE REPUBLIC OF CITIZENS WHERE IS IMPOSSIBLE TO EKVIASEIS AN ENTIRE PEOPLE ..(especially personally each).


The bourgeois parliamentarism does not cover all interests.
Wanting to fill this gap, we arrive at the proposition of Citizen participation in decisions.
MOTION first

We aim to create a base movement, uniform and unbroken, without party flags and signs. Imperative that there is anything that will cleave.

As an example we report the case of existing offices will participate in the movement. These offices as proof of goodwill, It will be proposed to post the FLAG and the movement's logo , as decided at the conference. Then local organizations i’ Municipalities are now organized (meetings) and will operate along the lines of the Greek State AND RULES AND HER elections which (form Republic) The name will also be decided by a majority in Congress.

In the event that a single entity or party violated the total exposure of conference commitments towards all, this will be seen as a statement of withdrawal from the municipalities movement or whatever it eventually named.


MOTION second

Parliamentary descent movement is not an end in itself. So, committed not to recommend the descent in elections only under conditions victorious (under the current electoral law).
That is when the democratic current will have received at least a ten percent (10%) the electorate registered citizens in the municipalities, rate sufficient to push developments towards a democratic transition with key condition required valves.

This receive and those who are willing to co-create a powerful democratic movement , to share it everywhere, You think will contribute to a any way to that association.

The initiative of the IDEA of Municipalities, does not exclude any parallel action similar enough to coordinate, this in our proposal will be achieved if you send us a written answer AND SUGGEST DATE AND PLACE at the following addresses.

(the above text is not copyright and constitutes a challenge to copy )