Pretty much the same texture people invite you to course, event, concentration, Organization, party or snip. Are trained in methods, behaviors and ways, arising from the Hesperia. As then imitated the Spain, now mimic the France. Only then the crowd came up and kicked.

This Sunday will be on their own – ETSI AND EGENETW -, without the great crowd and great passion 2011. This time, the smitten ' from outside ' and ' inside ' people will stay home, locked up in despair and frustration of. Whether I go or not go, I'll see to played the same work. Already, Some call for separate concentrations, as do the parties ' unitary ' demonstrations. Ίσως, not to say the trouble gripping position into separate tiles of the same square, to not cross with the "other", not to discuss. Everyone, owns the only truth and the only correct road and refuses to sygchrwtistei and get infected by another ' idea '.

Even if you accept the Republic, as a decision-making process, the dissatisfied with decisions will set up their own "square". All those who 2011 could not or did not want to turn the majority in discontent majority political power and Liberation.
And at the end, I brisoyn the people who do not participate. Unaware that most major political power are those who refrain from farce of elections. Is that 45% that is, without anyone wondering why and how will become partaker and participant process apeleytherwtikis. ' Is that 61,3%, that everyone wants to lead and another road.

The way and ideas, We learned, copying Western currents, don't ever agree on who owns the right and where is the truth. The probability of being concentric circles and associated becomes nonfeasance.
And now, with these and other, What do; To accept the fate imposed by economically and politically powerful;

To do a party – a great feast. To say meeting – appointments for kraipales, solidarity and freedom. Get drunk with ouzo, wines and grape. N ' agkaliastoyme drunk, before the heavy and boring debates, giving a promise: Not to divide ever – we care about our neighbor, whatever he. Not to dissolve our differences. To give place to truth. And the space is what we have forgotten: «Koinwnein» alitheyein ESTI.

To thing, to become, again, κοινωνία, Community, municipality. To help each other. The powerful attacks oblige us to cooperation, cooperative and guerrilla. Fight with all means, even with the legal. To arrange avoidance of fiscal disaster. To look at our own production, organizing the sharing of, To protect our efforts from taxation and property from expropriation. When taxing communication, in every neighbourhood, village and town, to become a wi-fi. To produce jointly, to increase and share the common, the time that we steal everything.

"The US market». And market democracy. To market-zoume, pean market-freeing up and discussing. And the market was and is in the city centre. To xanaginoyme town, village, neighborhood. The promise of "I care for my neighbor to become preoccupation and practice daily. To reconstruct the koinwnein, instead of looking for "movements". The koinwnein is a movement toward each other. There is also the alitheyein.

Simple and difficult. We; If we want, We. We want; Or maybe we learned in easily and we think that slogans are easily; Fantasies of "all day long and a lot of the streets", "two weeks staging payments and the Government falls», ' exit from the euro in the first year only difficult», ' general strike ', "storming and occupation of the House», all these and other divine in our minds are easier;
The koinwnein will show the streets.
We declared war and war will answer. For every victory is the section of the large crowd.
Democracy everywhere, but the prerequisite is unity of people. To xanaginoyme Church, based on love and friendship.
Release, without love, δεν υπάρχει.

“the real revolutionaries should see the revolution – in the face of nature's creative and lytrwtikis- as an act of love ...”
(Che Guevara)
We; Let's do it.
“So do the small circle, in the which the besieged city kinietai, to conceal the atmosphere of the biggest interests in Greece, for the physical location, where is worth for them where they want to bastaxoyn, as for those where they want to grab, and, for the moral position, the larger interests of humanity… Let's clearly seen the mikrotis place and the iron and asyntriftos circle where the has closed. Thus by the smallness of the place, who fights with major adverse dynames, ebgoyn wants large Substances”.
(Διονύσιος Σολωμός, from the “Free Besieged”)
"Anonymous of Greek»
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