entreStavros Katsouli

What does though, to ensure the nation's survival, in practical terms; What does it mean to enable our people, to stand on its own feet in order to make the Subversion; What does it mean, to move the society from a position of subservience and dependence, in a position of power forward in the regime that the rapes;

Means that you must create, away and regardless of the existing structures in the regime delivered, governmental, interest, Trade Union or other, a national network whose ambition should be temporary, although, but not impressive, replacing existing occupation structures that "caring" society now, with the creation of a parallel organised society support system.

This network must include all the basic features that has any widespread organization type. Organizing a coherent and complete, which will include transport, (Tel)contact, production of food and other basic goods, provide at least basic health care, and an operating system that will gradually reach the point where they will have the need to rely most on the existing economy.

This network should reach across, from end to’ edge. You have from the first moment to prove with tangible terms, that can bring value to everyone involved without anyone losing value. Anyone who offers its product or service on the, You can enjoy directly and without delay the remuneration of. Fee which in principle will be conventional, but gradually we may increasingly be in kind or in service, not in euro, i.e. the average of our through. This of course, until the time of our liberation.

Calculated, that a strategy of extensive national solidarity organized in a well operating network, which will have the characteristics of direct benefit for the ordinary citizen but also the producer or with other services involved, you will be able to expand relatively quickly and to reach a level that will provide the vast majority of society at least all of the basics needed for survival.

IE will be able to eradicate the fear of survival of the soul of our society, something that the fight has been invaluable, Maybe ultimate value.

For this purpose, You'll need to be a serious attempt at organization, starting from those who can provide design, Organization, transport, procedures, services and supplies and then from those who currently do not have the ability to offer. The various individual actions and procedures to be implemented require persons with important practical knowledge both in the manufacturing and transportation sectors and the wider organisation.

Because if you don't have this, How will ask society to dismiss the existing system that supports, whether or not such-as even if it is with the obscene way that makes today, to make the transition to democracy;

Those who dream of fundamentally changing the system by raising the race in theory without any operation in support of our people, not only do not help in problem. Much worse, help or emasculation every substantial resistance to the voltage status in society, either consciously seek to delay any action, looking forward to that their theoretical approach – which demonstrably longer antilabanetai society collectively as sterile – will cause the expected inactivity for a long time to come. And hence, further landslide in society as a whole a hell of unprecedented.