1232Stavros Katsouli

The question today is not whether you will need some time to finally rid them all sorts of exploiters. Obviously and have.

But not sacrificing its own people, through his own lack of organization, dropping the suddenly in a situation of uncertainty.

The theme that resonates today, is that an unorganized people, can easily become a victim of its own reasonable reaction, If this is not set up on firm foundations.

And respectively, It is also clear a well organized people can cope with the situation almost without any serious problem, until fully the governance in the hands of.

The cornerstone of an act of resistance of his own people which aims at overcoming the existing, or if you want, the necessary and sufficient condition, is one and unique, regardless of whether there are other required, like for example updated:

Is decoupling from the system, during and before the Act of transition to something new. The transition of society itself to a location ticket items, where empowered will be able to erect stature, without their dependencies of every kind “well-wishers”, 2015, remix culture, konklabia and interests. You need IE, the vast majority of our people to know now in practical and tangible terms, that I don't need the system, that you don't need and may well survive without it for some nifty period. You should understand that it is in the hands of a new system that cares, supports and provides the security that the State deprived him of possession.

Only thereby meant practically the slogan "get the world in the hands of his life", and just so it gets realistic features the fight. Such, enabling our people, to overcome the horrendous of dependencies from the system that oppresses him.

On this Foundation, the Act of resistance is converted from unpredictable Act of panic, in organized plan which works comparatively safe. A ektetammeno design, which can be performed in comparison with all the other award options we have seen so far, with much greater chances of success.

It's clear well, that to do in person people tipping over and the transition to a fundamentally new system, You must first ensure that the possibility of unforeseen circumstances will decrease at least in minimum.

Με άλλα λόγια, Anyone who believes that they will be able to implement any of the spearhead that lead to national independence, in default the same of self-organization of the majority, either has serious trouble understanding the required acts, or has fallen into a State of hopes which necessarily have no hope of becoming reality.

Anyone who is not a pioneer in this process of our people's organisation, No matter how good are the posts and what kind of information does, just promote them all as utopian visions that don't have absolutely no chance of becoming reality, Since the tragikotatis situation of deadlock in which we find ourselves today as a society.

Anyone who considers himself a leader today in the liberation struggle of the people, Anyone who believes that is mprostaris in any revolutionary, pure democratic and patriotic or progressive movement and is not intended and does not work to implement this necessary organisation of society, or knowingly, Unbeknownst to either of, has nothing to do with the race. Αντιθέτως, sow the seed of the stem of hope, where does not become de facto sprouted nothing.

Anyone dealing with any other matter except this aim well putting it as the main purpose, in the best case refers any realistic solution to the problem of Greek society to the extreme future, and the worst, Let's not mention this yet….