You, to take part in the meeting which will be held on 18-7-2017 sotres AGNANTI (32 mm Thes/Niki-Serres-Leykochwri ). information 6944776258 (Giannis)
The text is part of the social group book <ALLAZO to WALK in ALL>.
The Member, Yiannis Georgakopoulos, initiator of the idea to make my proposal book <local referendums from the basis>, with title <<PROPOSED DIMOKRATIAS – OPEN BOOK FOR MANKIND – MY COURSE POLICY>> issue first, where was completed with the assistance of key members of the team (Michalopoulos ' comments Kyriacou-Tsaknaki Kon/NOU- Katrana Georgiou – Georgakopoulos, Ioannis – Giaxidoy Aggeliki) and many like-minded friends and non-, whose names are given in, either as partners, or as cases that have caused the author – Editor-in-Chief Kyriakos Michalopoylo to produce
proposal – solution, tabled by the Group and improved in current form.
Time well be counted and to realize our location policy: <PARTICIPATION or REPRESENTATION>
The reason that led us here:
Is the historical observation that from ancient times to today, people are rational social, mighty, ChRISTOI (useful), consumed on individual efforts and joined to parties and used as storefronts (the modern era) in favour of the common good and of lesser of two evils, as a result to remain trapped in a vicious circle.
It is time therefore each one to reflect the responsibilities of, accepting his capacity and understanding that it is not a complete solution to the social problem the individual effort. To allow well overall solution prerequisite is Union and coordinate all these peculiarities (Assembly – regulation – decision) without commas. Only this social group will inspire the people again this.
In view of the communication by the Government of Kallikratikoy review consultation launch law, but scheduled for September REVISION CONSTITUTION
The first March 2017 the coordinating team members ' ALLAZO "Michalopoulos Kyriakos, Ioannis Georgakopoulos, Katranas George, Tsaknakis Kon/Nos, Aggeliki Giaxidoy, with a sense of responsibility, have prepared this:
Musical Organisational Front, with unique project the requirement to carry out "Local Referendums ' (something that apparently most are unaware because the KOMMATOKRATIA and the minions of the municipal COMBINATIONS hides).
As a tool of gradual transition to DEMOCRACY will be used the Law Commission. 3463 Article 216, <Penalty Code Of D + K>, the who predicts that referendum is announced in two ways:
D) after request, as we all know, of 2/3 the members of the Municipal Council and
B) with application 1/3 the voters of the MUNICIPALITY. the result of the referendum is binding for the Municipal Authority.
To arrive in asserting the referendum required the commitment of all active citizens, that is integrated and engaged in movements and small parties. Each logical man who sees the deadlock and delay of politikon STATE + MUNICIPALITIES is to promote this (Statement of participation in the CONVENTION) in every direction.
The aim is to create the appropriate social power (the required 1/3 ) which will adopt this proposal and will lodge the application envisaged requiring the first local referendum. So I realized the power of a large proportion of the total MARKET and at the same time will have a quite extensive democratic functioning of existing MUNICIPALITY.
After you succeed they now aim at a church in the municipality where the citizen shall submit the proposal and this will be under the full protection of the Municipality with projected regulation. Active citizens no longer will participate responsibly and productively as rapporteurs, speakers, listeners and as judges.
In the effort to investigate the rates of maturity for such a project, We will analyze political social tissue and will identify our companions, but consciously coordinated and the regime, so that in the future to put us all in a position of responsibility.
A and our project will have upfront opposite of representative (representative there because there are many who have no knowledge to have an opinion), We need to say a few words about the representation, the great feat of the oligarchy.
< That excluded the people of the decision-making; >
From the establishment of the modern Greek State 1827, disagreements and bickering occurred largely. If you look back at sources listed in time will find that up to enforce the oligarchy representation occurred murders, persecution, exiles, General podopa-tithikan people with democratic feeling. Constantly at the assemblies laoplanoi, together with other institutions of the oligarchy, diebalan and ochlagwgoysan, with the aim of not making decisions.
So peithanagkastika people do not go to meetings and ceased to claim participation in decisions, adopting the rationale “hear-see-be quiet”.
At the same time the POWERFUL OLIGARChIAS that's always feared the people sigontarizan the achyranthrwpoys-laoplanoys, adventurers – shysters, but skilled in management of speech and believe the people that I represent him worthily.
Viewed purely nowadays because the politikantes are people accepted by the local caste – mafia of plutocracy with whose approval, the legamenoi, within the respective ballot organised by the leadership of the party and accordingly organise local ballots of COMUNI.
We recall here in the many candidates (in essence the wearers votes) they are deluding themselves, Obviously during the election campaign that they perform work, and that all who succeed is to meet the need of their ambition and their vanity and that is axioprepestero to partake in decisions representing themselves.
If we consider that these ( the orators – laoplanoi ) always be forwarded from powerful economic interests, then very properly Professor Paraskevopoulos's book “REVIVAL OF PALIA TAVERNA REPUBLIC-FILOKOSMIKI REPUBLIC”, reports :

“The structure … is such, that allows the development of multiple and severe PAThOGENEIWN in politics, where the term "pathologies" is any form of destructive energy in society from the State Trustees, as is the Vice, greed, the lack of, the opacity, the blackmail, the BBC News, professionalism, the customer system, the interweaving, corruption etc.. The selection of leaders, influenced by these pathologies, fact that in almost all cases leading to the election of leaders, I have ANEPARKEIS abilities, reduced ethos and extensive interweaving and corruption”.

But the people elect them will tell someone! And I will answer: Why has no choice; Of course not because they predict the cheating of the people be legitimized by their constitutions. Article 62: (Indemnity for Members) -‘Article 86: (Action against members of the Government, Special Court) – ‘Article 61: (Irresponsible Members).
The result of all the above is the huge percentage of abstinence that they decided to disregard but which suit them to produce pleiopsifoyses minorities. This way you maintain the false majority and look in the eyes of the people of legality and guarantors of peace. So, as the only power management can blackmail, at will, δικαιοσύνη, Police and army, by forcing the minority oligarchy in the name of democracy.
It is possible to be the 50% the people politically indifferent;
Of course, not! Absolute documentation, the many anarchoaytonomes groups, many exwkoinoboyleytika movements and empowered Democrats and lovers of the municipality market and law.
We ask these where even put their hopes on parliamentarianism, If you know that the real percentage that runs at the moment is the 17% EC whose 9% be obtained through enhanced analog, from the small and usually contrary to the major parties who do not complete the 3% (see below 3rd category social Web) and thus the real percentage that voted for those who govern are the 8-10%.
So a question arises of shame: because most free spirits of the combination does not have power to carry out joint meeting on common data problems;
Our proposal to all these is the enable, the market presence of their municipality and the expression, as obligation, the unique project “Local Referendums”. is the unique opportunity to create a real opposition force to the regime of oligarchy and of parliamentarianism.
Analysis Of The Social Web (1-2-3)
Social Web of insiders and peithanagkasmenwn.
1) The first category of composed of interrelated are those who, integrated in the current administrative system of antiprosw-peysis (party executives, local organisations, trade unionists, etc.), enjoy benefits, small or large .
Here are the elpizontes in future similar benefits, already coordinated paradeigmatizomenoi, because of the immediacy of the benefits of competition, who stems from the uncertainty that creates the basic instinct of survival and whose food is the time. So you don't have time to think and perceive the unjust marginalisation and destruction of a large portion of people who create succumbing to him.
Naturally the competition may not adhere to ethical rules and rightfully marginalized as a result, react variously while preserving the vicious cycle of competition and deadlock.
2) The second category is the non-savvy who just vote, Recognizing the status as administration(εξουσία), choosing the lesser of two. To remind them that parliamentarianism is the conspiracy of evil of oligarchy every place where do not fit good and moral.
Remind them that the political differences in the management of the administration by the parties of the past 20 years is bleak (the last 7chronia it has become apparent that co-rule).
The conclusion is, that the parties (competition products or convenings), will not offer them the reassurance they seek! So must SERIOUSLY ANAThEWRISOYN the STASI TOUS, The CRISIS and the OPTIONS the BEFORE the SERIES ARRIVED to join THEM on the sidelines, in order to produce a combined management before the growing margin become critical mass and riots break out.
Let us decide! How many of us want to give carte blanche to professional politicians who will manage our future and how many want to define the future with anaklitoys representatives through referenda;
3) The third category consists of two sub-categories of and is, those directly responsible for the assist on parliamentarianism with percentage 9%, who are required to review and assist in the co-creation of the front trigger and inspiration of citizens ...
a) the thinking about active citizens who participate in political movements, political exwkoinoboyleytika parties, social groups, small parties), with doctrinal spearhead and partly social instinct, Recipients of competition and representation, keeping a relative economic potential which decreased. Fearing to consult with differences even small ideological discrepancies and non-entitled to reconsider when the minimum, react selfishly and insecurely on any unifying proposal, When coming from small group, (small interests) on the contrary when it comes from something already possible and recognised which aspire instant recognition and interest then we observe that putting water in their wine (SYGKLINOYN) but when they don't get what they wanted( their competitive prevented others) conspire with other likes them and leave accusing him and his company igetisko.
b) non-active empowered thinking, marginalized by the regime citizens, abstainers, fragmented that desperately express individual solutions, who in previous years (of hypnosis) screamed for better organisation and quality development (the years of monkey socialism), not heard from minded COMPETITORS and have exhausted financially refuting competition.
The socio-political group “Change” having taken account of the fact that, many IGETISKOI call for years to create fronts in various ways.
Notes that all of these pose many different spearhead, resulting in the percentage that will be converted to, to be small and’ substance to break down in a single movement (probably deliberately).
-Those who well understand the reality and the dynamic of the unique ID project ASSEMBLY-market municipality), invited to participate in the self-organisation of the single Movement of the municipalities ', to take account of the positions and proposals! So I produced a new form of SINGLE POLITICAL POWER.
-ELPIZWNTAS THAT THERE ARE THE APPROPRIATE MATERIALS (free spirit – the appropriate human material), We aim to create a grassroots movement, with a presence in each municipality, Single and Inextricable, without partisan the parataxiakes flags and signs, with unique basic rule favouring the voltage ENWTIKIS.
-As workmen this idea, We guarantee the proper functioning of the COURT required and flexibility in DECISIONS based on REGULATION (= unique ID us).
Guidelines for a successful meeting
When they stood in the Assembly we have compiled an A4 with glue 3 at least DURING PRIORITY topics for discussion and our data (priority attention is flexibility and avoiding polls thus gain time – Without this we will not take part) . Role of Moderator and participants (the Coordinator shall keep and participants require its observance).In every form of ADIEXODO the Coordinator requires VOTING.
We address everything in all the participants, and in any case to someone directly and specifically (plural). In the event that our report or our position regards placement or question specific person, the mention in third person.
Then the proposal of some, the Coordinator conducts logging of positive assent and in turn the comment-documenting perceive themselves as. Then consulted-documenting those negative opinion. Again until the last. Recorded and negative. Then asked the Assembly if there is positive the negative that allaxan view (justifying, However the change), that means that automatically occurs voting result (based on the principle of majority, rule 60%).
The vote is considered invalid when not accompanied by tinaitiologia of the opinion (voting documentation).

Practical Steps

Print this, propose to the first three friends likeminded meeting, There we give them a copy and read together. After you understand, next date we agree to concentrate and undertake all the printing and distribution of those more copy can (the indicated concentration date). On the specified day also brought what photocopying more we which we distribute to newcomers and we start all the reading, After you have read it all starts the discussion until they become perceived and accepted the proposal by as many as possible .!!
Then the Assembly decides the date of the next meeting, with the reminder of the print and redistribute copies.!! THE EPANALAMBANETAI DIADIKASIA TILL I EACH LOCAL ASSEMBLY CONSIDERS THAT THE NUMBER OF CITIZENS IS IKANOS COMMENCED THE FILING OF THE APPLICATION < with this request (This concerns the region) > IN THE PROTOCOL OF THE MUNICIPALITY (don't forget to remind that we copy from the Protocol to the number).
The next Convention and having applied the above REGULATION i.e.. We have defined <Coordinator> We define and Secretary to which we are tabling the request to post on the Internet ( in the already existing page, recommended (APOFASIZW-D-THES>, in order to be completely transparent and the number of requests.
The thing now is getting his way, It is only a matter of time and activity of each region to insert the appropriate number of 1/3 registered on the electoral roll (This we ask of course long before and of course the Municipality must tell us).

And since you arrived here as we ask for your attention and please. those who are willing to share the proposal, So I updated and friends of friends. For any other information please do not hesitate to call the following, to suggest corrections and engaging in collaboration.

Policy Planning Michalopoulos Kyriakos 6931399982
Communication + Ioannis Georgakopoulos coordination 6944776258
Secretariat for economic issues Katranas George 6939889402