Detail of the project "The School of Athens". Fresco by Raphael. On the left distinguish Plato, right Aristotle.

"Three things make the life of a slave: work, punishment and food. Not being punished and not work but give them their food makes arrogant∙ but they work and be punished without taking food, It is assault and weakens. It remains therefore to give them work and food satisfactory∙ because it is not possible to afenteyeis amisthwtoys. […] The best workers would be those that are neither too cowardly nor excessively Gallant. Both extremes are bad samples∙ too cowardly do not withstand a lot and not easily dominated high-minded».
Αριστοτέλους, "Economic First», Complete works, Volume 4, versions of Cactus, p. 266-67

It is thousands of times koitazomaste in the mirror without noticing the signs it leaves time on us. We have the illusion that we are left unchanged, untouched by the passage of time until we see with AWE, sadness and fear the opposite. A small or a larger pain that suddenly breaks out. The loss of a person who was inside in our lives. An old photo that falls in our hands. A recollection that emanates from someone distant sound, a smell, out of touch the object that had forgotten its existence. All these trigger what the brain, merciful, deceives us with other stimuli in order to forget: the feeling of wear and upcoming fee.
Just remember the inevitable, our image in the mirror is illuminated with a
hard shine, that doesn't cover anything! Seeing that have formed cracks there that once dominated the single a woolly skin. Hair colour has changed and "the first flowers of death», white hairs make thriambika their appearance – first at the height of the forehead, and then everywhere. The areas under the eyes seem to be attracted to the Earth. The flesh below the neck obey and those in the law of gravity. All down, as though the precipitation was suddenly.

Resounding slap

So and societies. Deliver the acne and youthfulness to Saturn-Time and after a major fact find what evil found them. How great calamity fell into unsuspecting their head. Κι όμως, It was not a fact. Neither abrupt change. A great series, a sequence of notes funeral preceded the great crash. The fact just acted like the relentless hard light, that leaves no wrinkle for wrinkle without the highlight. The words of Aristotle in the slaves something similar is. So work and much more strongly than expected. Like a loud slap in sweaty cheek napping. The Greek philosopher describes what is the proper treatment of slaves and we are witnessing wonder that our current position is worse! We are supposedly I citizens while slaves of Greek Antiquity excelled in many!
How many oceans lismonias flooded our consciences in order to plunge into such disrepute; From the job, the punishment and the food that gave the daily life of a slave, εμείς, the ... free citizens we ran out with the punishment! The work is now considered a privilege of gambling and food conquest ... The punishment is only given, assured by the ago. Ensure that this most perverse and sinister version of power has ever had to face the audience of the Greeks.
The deceitfulness of the gang that has usurped the power reached such levels in order to refute and Aristotle. The colleges our ancestor had ruled that "it is not possible to afenteyeis amisthwtoys». Today's minions of barbarians did this ... impossible piece of our daily lives. The already instituted by congratulating each other for the institution of ... apprenticeship.
Δυστυχώς, National restart should have as its primary objective the achievement levels of life that were slaves in antiquity. Ironic but necessary. And then to find out what Aristotle defines a bit of text below (1344b 15-20): "Every slave must know that it has an end slavery∙ Why is fair and beneficial to them the freedom prize, because it is willing to make efforts when there is prize and set working time».
Τέλος, to become sufficiently high-minded to not exoysiazomaste easily.