There is a, small yet, number of Greeks who have realized that the problem we as a society are purely political, and no financial, and it has to do with who has and shall exercise the powers: few or all. I.e. oligarchy or Republic.

This text is aimed basically to them and these concerns.

Each generation is and a shift in history. This shift the Greeks are we. For some reason the story decided to give it another chance in human societies. For some reason the Republic after 2.500 years again calls on her children. The Greeks. Us.

In our collective character, as Greeks, We have many features that sometimes act like pros and sometimes as disadvantages. One such is our haste. Now we want to make some political changes and want to become quickly.

Will not become so. It will take time. We must prepare for this. And to prepare and others. And especially must get used to the taste of frustration. Because the disappointment would be the most frequent our feed.

Now we are in the phase of recognition. We know each other between us. We learn what are those other, you like us have understood that the problem has to do with political power, and not with the economy, and that is a problem for Government and institutions. You must meet, to connect and maintain this tie political and social. The Internet helps us.

Those who have understood that the cause of the problem is purely political, We are the living proof that the hatred of the Greeks has very serious reasons that there is. We are the main reason for all this misellinismo. Because we are the biggest threat. For the domestic regime but also for the world.

Hate everything Greek is cause for fear of spreading the word of democracy. The requirement for popular sovereignty and self-government.

Hellenism is one tradition that spawned the idea for societies centered on humans, free from the oppressor and the despot. Self-being governed collectively. Free societies with democracy. This idea was born and lives together with Hellenism. We, those who spread the idea of democracy, We are the followers of this Greek historical tradition. The democratic Greek tradition.

The Greek society, at the present stage, is "lost in the ocean". Is deeply desperate but basically is parazalismeni. And so I cannot see what We see so clearly. Can not see, yet, that her problem is a problem not individuals but institutions. No financial but political. Cannot see and realize that what we must demand is changes in Constitution. Changes to political institutions. In order to take part and the same to power, as a political institution. Like municipality.

The "Maelstrom" course that Greek society is not alone. It is the result of an enormous and lasting operation that costs in the domestic and international system a lot of money and resources.

We need to practice to recognize the sources of this parazalis, the causes of, the paths of. Faces of. Faces literally. We must learn to recognize and the maelstrom but their "parazalistes". Are the actors of parazalis. And we have such. Even near us. Even very close to us.

Because while what we have to do is to show the many, in Greek society, What is required is institutional changes, State changes, changes in the political system, There are voices that still insist on focusing on the economy and thus become the cause that the popular demands are more economic and not political and institutional nature. And we have been doing and sparrow hawks in the economy with their financial lessons.

A serious problem, which indeed carry this maelstrom even in groups of people who have understood that the problem is political and strive for democracy, are all shopping. Vain egwϊstes who won't ever feel psychologically satisfied if not their own. In organization, in the text, poster. With weakness in advertising and the palamaki. And in power. Detect and avoid. Void and away. Otherwise we will see many more efforts not to perform what could.

At the present stage, the proliferation of the idea of democracy, What we need are orators. Popular orators. With simple Laminar and understandable language. Folk language. Even many knowledge not required. Not required fwstires and scientists. We all need the knowledge already. From Elementary.

At the present stage, the proliferation, that after all "three and the cuckoo"we are, We do not need Chiefs, leaders and Presidents. And neither should ever need. And if we put once in front of the microphone or camera, It will not be for our own good. It will not be for the good of democracy and popular sovereignty. So anyway the cameras and the microphones have become unreliable in the consciousness of the people. The society addresses the media with suspicion. And so should we.

We don't need cameras and microphones to do what I need to do. This type of publicity will not serve the spread of democracy. Only the pswnara within us. Should, before pausing in front of these enforcement tools of the oligarchy, We are very confident about who we are and how steadfast we are as characters. And who will remain after exposure to publicity.

Publicity through the media is a weapon of the oligarchy. Our weapon is the spoken word in our social circle, in groups and on our teams, and the text on the Web.

Come elections and has filled the place Parties.

Party means Division. And dividing means Division.

Party means division and disunity. Party means self-entrapment. Party means oligarch mechanism. Hierarchical mechanism. Undemocratic. There is not and can not be democratic party. The party is oligarchic invention. The party is oligarchic weapon. To set up a party or get into a party that makes enlightenment for democracy, will become the biggest frustration for those who heard and believed. And cause their daze. And not for the xedialyma τους. Cause frustration and confusion will be.

Arose and parties from the squares of indignant. Joined by several enthusiastic only to leave soon. Frustrated. Even more confused. Paroplismenoi anymore now most. Akyrwmenoi.

In short

  • the enlightenment of democracy, Government and institutions are the main, rather than on the economy
  • the society may not yet see clearly that her problem is political and institutional and should demonstrate
  • social changes will not be made with the speed that we want and we, but the story
  • not leaders, Messiahs, fwstires or chiefs, but popular orators of democracy in the social environment and the Internet
  • No commas
  • the maelstrom derived from the media, by the parties and by the General system but the faces are "catch Pew" even among us

It is our duty now. And the frustration is also just a taste.

Thrax incompetent


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