While we slept with the rustic shoes and tearing our hair out for evrokomma and municipal savior who will defend the water and the land of our country, went through the back door by law repealing the national identities. You're Greek now and Law. Be European aboriginal. So he calls the Interior Ministry which tells us that from the coming election and for the century endlessly right to vote and to stand as a candidate in your country not only got you my Ellinara, but any citizen of any EU Member State.

With the law 4244/2014 and with a validity date from the 11th March 2014 can run as a candidate for mayor or Alderman whoever wants enough to be European. The same is true for anyone who wants to descend and as an MEP representative of Greece. After the EU Council directive Union citizens residing in a Member State- EU Member State of which they are not nationals have the fundamental right to vote and to stand as a candidate in local elections of the Union.

You as a bad boy in the Republic have the right to deprive you of the political rights, But if you're an Englishman, French, German etc then you will be able to represent my country in the European Parliament and the worse you can manage the municipal estate (water, plots, buildings, history) my own particular homeland. Enough to have a vacation in Greece who do your bathrooms, money to start the election campaign and of course the appropriate palamakistes that with 100 Euro gives the key to the city and the management of this.

These are small print for Greek voters. Their minds are currently in 500 500 paid their vote that set the Samaras of the primary surplus. Money that will take them any time back by baptizing a new patriotic tax. The irony of the day. Talking to you about patriotic measures and at the same time to make Greek Patriot candidate him your enemy.
This law proves that voting is the feretzes of the Republic and that at any time giving voter anyone can boast about their "democratic" WINS. Go with the good and in the parliamentary elections to anyone's baptism Greek voter to absolute your domination. Many years have passed and not from the main parties WINS glory with baftismenes as Greek foreign votes.
Unfortunately because the opposition only opposition does after such laws passed two months before the elections won't take ever an official response from the Government about what will happen if the Albania and Skopje tomorrow morning join-EU. Maybe it suits the opposition the situation watching ahead of power without the interested her national identity. A few days passed that two EU States have come into conflict. The Hungary asking for autonomy for Romania's piece because it is Hungarian speaking and have to manage regions elected Hungarian nationals. As the Hungarian Prime Minister said "in the EU being a standalone allowed after asking not secession".
For which national independence speaks Vice-President Venizelos and for which national identity and patriotism is struck with style Samaras; They have given everything, have agreed to everything, call it the Greeks through the websites of the ministries as "European natives" but the hoi polloi (for ordinary people it is) look at how we run a municipal ballot or to be imprisoned and to save or due to the entopiotitas of not getting any permutation 20 kilometers farther from the House of.
Does not deal with the substance none because the stuff is the truth and it hurts. The truth wants truth to counter but when rejoicing and vote with both hands the proven lies they're peddling are worthy of doom who wrote about you the boss OJ.
With the Bull of the President of the Republic even conscious you abstain from the elections gone. With 1,000,000 baftismenoys residents in European Greece abstaining from 40% will go on 1%. And then what you have to say; That in the minority governed; Others will show the legally and morally their numbers. We got Democracy 100%. The same number with President Kim of North Korea.
The difference with North Koreans will be one and only. They will continue to have a national identity, While you will be just a native of a continent. You don't know yet what it means not to have identity, space, air, water, Home, ελευθερία, one piece of land to. I still don't know, but very soon you will feel in your skin.
They accept, my native eyrwpaie. What you deserve quite simply because you were worthless for a country like Greece.-