Oramatistika a world that was completely different from this here the damaged ...
Kids, says. was beautiful courtyards with gardens and floral odors, under the sun.. this was their school..
the teacher, it was not like this circumstance we have now..
wearing colorful clothes, comfortable like tunics and had successfully passed the exam the maximum Board of education..
means that it has the capacity to share knowledge, values and ethics to children.. They sat in the Auditorium and discussed as if there was no lesson but philosophical debate.. Yet the Education, δεν περιελάμβανε συγκεκριμένα κείμενα και ύλη πουέπρεπε να βγει”, but discussions that develop the crisis, the thought and ingenuity of students..
students, Learn HOW to THINK rather than what to think..

Oramatistika, a world, different from this damaged..
the Government says was in a side square with the world and discussed..
It was not like our own Governments..
they were dressed in colorful robes, comfortable sitting in a specially designed space that allowed even passersby to hear clearly and participate in discussion..
the rulers were not politicians.. It was Philosophers..!
had them elect people about the wisdom, their principles and honest life..
all of them well, they were masters of their people..
It was the example and inspiration of sufficient and correct..
How could it be otherwise, after their education, allow such development..

Oramatistika a world different from him here the spoiled.. No one was concerned with the concentration of wealth, After everything was shared..
the sages were designed as well the production of goods, so anything not tossed, anything to not be redundant and nothing not to be recyclable..
people were free to follow their passion for spiritual growth and Knowledge..
all the locals loved Nature and took care to protect..
No act was not against her and everything had been done under serious studies on incidences..

Oramatistika a world different from him here the spoiled..
that technology, He was in the service of the world, not the world in service..
nobody dreamed to acquire something technological, because whatever there was, It did not concern the unit, but society as a whole..
so had disappeared and the crime..
There was nothing to be jealous about materials, nor for acquisitions..
oramatistika a world different from him here the spoiled..
Wars do not know, neither competition..
here probably lie..
competition exists..
lyrics, musical, plays, philosophical texts and sport..
αυτοί ήταν οιπόλεμοιτους..

Oramatistika a world, different from this damaged..

Eyrynoos.. with love..