✦ Dr. N.GEORGANTZAS: Our awareness of regime propaganda


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All use the word democracy and its derivatives almost daily. But our ignorance of what democracy is huge. But should not one and to describe what is democracy, reaches an excess A4 sheet.

Democracy is a simple method to self-govern a group of people. It is a process that divides the political power, power ie,equally all members of this set. Whether a club, whether for an entire country.

Democracy is a process that enables us to get andimplement decisions, to supervise their implementation, and mete out, participating all directly organ, bodies and institutions,without representatives.

In democracy provided ONLY ONE INSTITUTION: General meeting of all members. This general meeting is to decide what other institutions or bodies or institutions will recommend. Because democracy changes ever its institutions. Democracy is never perfect. Always remains incomplete. Changes or removes organs, bodies and institutions in place puts other.

Can a democracy to decide on how he has a body, for example, who prepares the bills, and would even call this House organ, and then will come the bills to the General Assembly to make laws. Can another democracy to decide a totally different procedure for its legislative work.

In the same way a democracy creates constantly changing and all other institutions and bodies believes that. By the government as the way the administration of justice. All members-citizens are potential prime ministers, ministers etc.. All members-citizens are potential judges as democracy says and justice is purely political issue, not a technical. All these institutions and bodies and their form, decided by the general meeting of all members. That is all.

The general assembly has a list of registered members. There is no democracy without members list (with name, address and phone).

To highlight the axioms used draw among all stakeholders for each office. No election. The election is oligarch way. With election, and not draw, is the emergence of minimum only those positions necessarily require high expertise and training. (For example ministers would emerge rather draw).

The term in office no longer than one year. There may be positions lasting 24 hours. Nobody twice in the same position. Particularly those who were chosen by election. All may be withdrawn before the expiry of their term of office and all give account at the end of. Democracy believes that all citizens should be brought to power and politics. So I often change the persons to offices, to gain experience as much as possible, and if possible all.

In short, Lawmakers are all citizens. Rulers and judges are all citizens, either draw, either rotation, and few with election. Never become rulers, lawmakers and judges, organized civic groups such as the current parties. What now happens to the parties isoligarchy.

Democracy because he knows that threatened by the very rich and the very poverty take measures so that there is nothing of the two. But beyond that, democracy, because it is the economic system as capitalism and socialism, not initially a financial plan or doctrine to apply. The economic decisions they get all citizens in general meeting, for each topic separately.

That modern terms can get today is a problem a "right" or "left" decision. And if after a while convinced that they got wrong decision, be the change.

And finally, because the set that represents the general meeting may be threatened militarily, every citizen is simultaneously gunner, almost a lifetime. The concepts of citizen and soldier of democracy are inseparable.

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PS. If my description does not fit into an A4 sheet as promised, not blame democracy but my chatter. Choose a smaller font size and fit. If it still does not fit, then delete all those parts of the text is in italics. Print the page and spread democracy to our citizens.