In blamed for lazy.

In blamed for corrupt.

In blamed for tax evader.

We spoke, loufaxes.

Did you hear his son gifted to speak with your background Aegean. Thought he was joking, might not have understood what he was saying and. Was blinded in the blue and the look of innocence.

In nurtured that live in Europe psorokostaina.

In sent and resend unemployment.

We spoke, loufaxes.

Broke your pension funds.

Reduced to humiliate your salary.

Your handed roadmap.

We spoke, loufaxes.

They cut your pension.

Pay to not bankrupt banks.

They opened the dictionary and whatever strange word found the named person.

We spoke, loufaxes.

They put gentlemen and ladies with strange names to control the Government.

They decided to control what you say, how do you say, why do you say.

Become the corset Constitution plump.

We spoke, loufaxes.

Accused and humiliated your neighbor, a son, your fellow.

They entered associates in your job, at home, on your payday.

Abolishing banking secrecy, the right to property, family asylum.

We spoke, loufaxes.

Check that breathe without pay tax attributable to.

Humiliated and eftelisan parliament, made pawns Members

We spoke, loufaxes.

Removed you every human right, even this life.

Underestimate work, life, your dignity.

Sold out and sell out that sweat built by previous generations.

We spoke, loufaxes.

Resolution Antonaki and you came Merkel.

RESOLUTION Republic and you came Adonis.

Really feel no slave today; Even little;



BUTTERFLYAwake Poor mtheU Ragias, wake up to see the Liberty…

BUTTERFLY✦ «I was not born to be forced. You breathe in my own way. "Political Disobedience ~ Duty and Debt