For John capodistria, and the falsehood that write that there was masonos read the following file copy:



No. 2953 Secret Circular


To the Panhellenion.

To them at the Aigaion Pelagos and Peloponnison Temporary Commissioners and heads of land and sea Forces in.
Know the Kybernisis, Politai tines that persist believing and others peithontes, that century Etaireiai chorigoysi mystikai in lifesaving to Homeland, or at least Auspices under which related among the people by secret ties may be apolayswsin within the Country and by foreign influence axioms, honor, and now it happens, What ESTI money.

And if eleeinologi the Kybernisis the apeirian of the Greeks of contributions parasyromenwn toiaytas did not want give the prosochin of, If he was not katapepeismeni whether he might bring disastrous results may krisimon in the moment that the opinion, which the enemies of Greece ithelon recommend and the world, and unto their Eyrwpaϊkas Governments.

If egkateleifthi from Greece 1821 until July the month of the last year, This came because the enemies of the adiakopws to the parestainan Kings, as people epanastatwthenta and agwnizomenon under the political affairs and in the purpose of Secret Societies, ERGO epigasan century katastrofai of Spain and Italy.
He was undoubtedly a cinch to sfalera this anairethi the glory.
M'olon this echreiasthisan the entire seven years of sufferings and disasters in the anairesin.
Just anirethi, and while Greece begins to eynoias samples and lambani bonhomie on behalf of allied forces, the enemies of wanting the heavens again as ypexoysion of Secret Societies, and so apodeixin want to manifest, that under diaforois there by onomasin century Etaireiai and multiply between de facto and politics class, and military force, Maybe this fleet.

Both the Kybernisis considers essential that non-approval to deixis by public and official document to end the yparxin of this evil, carries out the type of this circular debt, which is not to paramelisi imporei without barytatin eythynin kathypoblithei s.
Really eggrafon among toioyton General Policies, who epimenoysi not parachwrwsin unto the entimon future Greece, wanted serve as means to apodeixwsin, that the Kings of eyergesiwn of ypothalpoysin in Greece the echthron, whom and elsewhere, and his own State of polemwsi.

The paratirisis this, Gentlemen, teaches you with fronisin and oxyderkeian posin required the ekplirwsis of order of Government Attaché.
Want voice in face-to-face notified your employees or your officers under the odigian the periechomenon of this, and you want your helpdesk to disclose them if they belong to the kammian of Secret Societies, or not.
If it is the first, you want them noticed, that if the State of anarchy parelthoysan, and disorder was probably necessary at the personal motivation to zitiswsi safety politas by the bond Company recently secret, the bond he dissolved on’ at the Parliament of the legal oath and to the Negotiating, and to the laws, grant unto a each and everyone, all the security necessary.

Initially driven by toiaytin clearly want prove the incompatibility of two vows, ypiretein of the State i.e., and secret Fund ypiretein, whose purpose is mostly unknown to the partners.
So if your employees or entities under your odigian anikoysin s Tina officers Fund, need to paraitithwsi, and on our certificates also owe money to. On enantias you explain to them the risks to which they exposed planwmenoi from few very tellingly to tinas so enascholoymenoys. From the companies ' non-him symbibazomenwn with in Laws and regimes do not apokleiomen pre gnwrizomenin centuries under the name Adelfopoieias now, or Love.
Paraggellesthe, Gentlemen, in’ entitled feeling again once the point synetwteron and so wfelimwmeron.
The Kybernisis willingly dechthi wants his notifications, osas in time and dynithi want to topw grant.

In Particular the 8 June 1828
Captain J. A.. Kapodistrias

On 22/8/1831 the Kapodistrias sent and second egkyklion (No.. 4286) on the same theme to apply to all public services with strict way. Shortly after was assassinated in Nafplion.