"… the same is you, Democracy, afrontisti and kakogerasmeni, dirty and
dressed in rags not need you…"
(paraphrase Homer, "Odyssey" Oh 249-250)
Two of the most characteristic properties of this metaellinikou world in which he lives here and 16 centuries humanity, is the excessive vagueness and great skill in manipulation. This source itself also into a "culture" that now dominates, assumes axiomatically this, after a very sly way to hide any unwanted, for him, truth is talking unintelligible or ambiguous, but also forges or falsifies facts and meanings. The E. A. Raouter observed since the early 60 already that "the blurred one expressed, the more hidden remains lie there in his speech .. " ("The Construction Nationals")

The ancients, Our unbaptized and truly Greek ancestors, they offer a great attention to precision, For this reason, and reached the human intellect in Hypatia historical points. Every word meant a very particular thing, nor an x ​​close, or a similar sp. From Homeric times already, find use in a total of twelve (12 !!!) verbs for "seeing", namely vlepein, theorein, eidein, Oran, lefssein, athrein, theasthai, thinking, ossesthai, dendillein, derkesthai and paptainein, ie a different verb for each different looking.

It becomes clear here so that anyone who wants to fight against the "culture" of ambiguity and distortion, required, before the, Everything else, to defend and restoration the original meaning of words and terms. Otherwise endlessly will sweat and bleed in circles, circular reproducing the vast disuse, such as those vain agonisthisan with the word "partner" in the mouth, however completely ignoring what really does this word, the most misunderstood word in the 20th century, like the word "God" came the most misunderstood of the past two millennia.

In the late 18th century, with, very useful for human freedom, guillotines of Jacobin, returned to the stage of history the ancient Greek term "Republic" which means only two centuries succeeded, not the same course but one parody called "parliamentary", to cover the whole of humanity. Today everyone is, or pretend to be.. "Democrats", the planet is flooded.. emmeso- "republics" of all kinds: astikokoinovouleftikes, Crowned, militaristic, TV, fascist and so, to increasing doses of a misleading and achristefseos concepts.

What however esti Republic; Apart from any claims of modern crooks and middlemen of the term (they are billions ..), this term, which gave birth to the high precision of the Gentiles real Greeks of antiquity, means DOMINATION OF THE MUNICIPALITY, ie direct management of political affairs in an orderly body of active citizens. This interpretation, however creates its own problem, After entering as required, two completely alien to the modern pseudo "Republic" elements, ie immediacy (Direct Democracy) and political ownership.

For our ancestors, fact and unbaptized Greeks, The Republic was the top end of the art policy, namely the management of affairs of the Country / Mitridos "City" which was defined not so magical, but tangible, logical and therefore completely understandable. The Patris / Mitris "Polis" (of which does the word "policy") could be measured and defined. It was all inherited soil that haunts the ashes of fathers and their tribal and family gods.

A "City" was not however only the earth or houses, as the Roman Urbs. What additionally adorned condition, was the existence of the Municipality, the MOIRASIAS ie the obligations and rights, through (self)institutions tied to a solid body politic citizens. For true Greeks, there was no modern dimension, to rivalry, the personal element of the political, personal conscience by Community. Not understood as meaning for their indifference to Greek politics or prevent clear position, especially in conflict situations.

This involvement, This deal which presupposed the existence of MUNICIPALITY, gave birth very soon a wondrous features of the Greek people who called boldness. The boldness, the go and risis, is nothing but the obligation to deliver the free man at all costs its opinion, even at the expense of their personal safety. And there is of course by no means a coincidence that the word "boldness", disappeared after the complete destruction of the Greek political institutions (l.ch. Diffusion on Gioutprada / Justinian recent bouleuteria of Greek cities) by Christianized Romans, wrongly called "Byzantine", and since there are very few cases, and those in modern times only, returned it back to the original meaning and size.

"That something" that defeated the Greek self-institution had, of course, and name, had and ideology. What matters here the author, however the list of proposed simply "that something" man: personally anchoritism and idiotefsi and politically, it can be said political, reign of terror and lawlessness of theokraton, the enemies of the human spirit, the conspirators and geldings parakoimomenos, zechnonta phenomena today have survived mutated in the general corruption of the system of the World Jerusalem manages the planet. In boldness of Greek Christian counterproposal was, for the past, the present and our future, servility, krypsinoia and downwardly isopedotismos,

The world of the Greek National RETIREMENT, developed and glorified, if not the first, at least the best of political aftothesmizomenon societies which arose on this planet. Worked through societies in wondrous way the individual and the public interest were absolutely identical. Worked through societies defines "freedom" rather than as individual collection rights of the defense against a separate power and against competitors synypikoous (co-obeying), but, instead, as the right of the active citizen in dignity and self-regulation of everyday life.

All these, the REPUBLIC ie, for the Christians were merely "Regime of the Devil" (civitas diaboli when Eusebio of Caesarea). So the counter for many centuries one brutal theocratic authoritarian Monarchy and the Church on impersonal and humiliated spiritually and politically nationals. In "Vouliforo Buy" of Gentile Greeks, in this psychogeography space within the, movement of ideas, Dialogue and logical argument and opinion thesmopoiounto as preconditions for humanness, in this place that inspired him Boulaia, Market, Institutional, Friendship, Companies and Leschanorioi Gods, counter-Christians the complete abolition of all political institutions, annihilation of Dialogue and logic argument and opinion, setting as unique social (and not only) the institution.. Church. The person was not entitled longer n'agorefei before crowd of people. The right of speech most had only rulers, a nightmarish reason and without contradiction nor even the temples were not allowed (nor has today allowed) questions or speeches from the impersonal basis.

In the late 18th century, as already said before, the guillotine demolished the theocracy, but could not the actual restoration Republic, ie Direct, despite the cries of several "Mountain" against the fraud of representations. What prevailed worldwide, was finally the funny English "parliamentarism", while the French explosion eventually left the naive egalitarianism of "egkalite" which, unlike the actual Republic, allowed climbing in very difficult civic pedestal, of any just had.. human shape and knew them.. Speaks: . ". modern Western political culture has been created on the basis of utopian ideals and especially on controversial utopia of the French Revolution.. whose supposed transformation in cultural reality, meant to stabilize and ensure human rights, but not proevalle well as civic obligations " (Pan, N. Chiotis, "The Tradition of Enlightenment in Greece", Enalios, Athens 1998, p. 306)

This discount democracy and citizen led quickly to what today we all see around us, although almost no one dares to confess. A monstrous combination of hard oligarchy (very dangerous even after supposedly, moreover, and.. elected) and full "vlakokratias" (the measures put wisely provided the late Evangelos Lembesis) comes as a new absolute truth, though the arrogance of Christianity did not reach us, posing as the best supposedly Regime, Once there is only one vulgar falsification of true, ancestral and DIRECT Republic of our ancestors.

The real and direct democracy requires citizens easy access to positions of Power, something that the current parliamentary system does not offer, the ceiling rates (in our country even zeroed which political discourse is unable to overcome the 3% votes), non simple analog and huge economic fundamentals required for a minimally effective election effort: "Oligarchy is when dominate the polity those who have property" emphasizes very well and very clearly Aristotle ("Politika" 1279v, 18). Also requires vouliforia ONLY active, partisan and knowledgeable citizens, since the last equation, by mad "logic" one vote to one vote, with indifferent, their phobic and informed ignorant persons intended to benefit, is essentially a depreciation of man, and a tyranny of wretches: "The culture that promotes the equality of individuals before the law and brotherhood based on Christian moral code, is a political, Cultural and social potted culture, he leaves outside the scope of the virtue of man " (P.. N. Chiotis, above, p. 307)
These notes you write on the true nature of the Republic, may disturb many different servants of derogatory and manipulative World Jerusalem. We regret however very, because this issue will come back very soon and with detailed positions and proposals, which is now considered extremely urgent at a time when elected MPs not persons characterized by political action or ideogenesi but several "famous" faces raised -and therefore requires tilevlakes- TV glass. We will come back l.ch. for fair aftoperithoriopoiisi of indifference to the common to the call, for example, regular, active and therefore normal citizens, to vote with the help of information on a daily basis, Bills a simple legislating body, in place of the current Parliament, will compose and would simply recommend to ON MUNICIPALITY.

These few and hoping the writer was not overly tedious, or, worse, meddlesome. If, in any case, some feel extremely uncomfortable for the part of the relentless condemnation of vlakokraton and apaxioton of politkis position, act, and ultimately METHEXEOS, if people also ignore the equally ruthless maxim of Thucydides (B, 40) that does not participate in common things are not "peace-loving" but "scoundrel"(loser, useless), we regret but very little we can do to calm them. Everybody, let us remember, however,, for dessert, The principle of our enslavement located at the point, ourselves, we consider a series of wrongs things as worthy to enjoy eternally immunity and immune. The principle of our enslavement also located at the point where we have some others convinced that ALL supposedly thoughts we carry in our heads, absolutely ours.

Vlassis G.. Rassias

(From the magazine "Diipetes", issue 35, May "2000")