Allazo for n’ allaxoyn OLA

So what is this team that we are members;
Initially, to mention a few “Is not”. It's not just online Club production and exchange of ideas. Is not dating space. It is not a team that becomes a member because I like this which I think stands for and just watch. It is not a tool of theoretical political philosophers, skeptics or only amfisbitiwn. Does not aim to pick up and seduction “field beans”. NEITHER is pool of those who feel betrayed and angry from leaders, of rulers and of ideologies that were not act. NOR is space Synaxis ambitious igetiskwn and Corral collection votes.

Is true Democracy supporters concentration tank. Is space workers building self-determination plan preparation. FILODOXEI to become a feeder pipeline proposals for processing and realization, with the aim of building a collective responsibility for promoting the true and direct democracy.

With all the above, it becomes apparent: that does not serve our purpose passive members, that is unwelcome those who aspire to personal view, that requires open in kaina gremlins, mind
and above all require the active participation in the Group.
Time to declare everyone what side is because there is no grace time for country.
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